Whats this, any plane spotters in?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by vandyke, Oct 28, 2006.

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  1. vandyke

    vandyke LE

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  2. crabtastic

    crabtastic LE

    Shorts Tucano T1
  3. vandyke

    vandyke LE

    I take it that is what they use for training? Cheers crabtastic
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  4. Muttley

    Muttley War Hero

    That was easy
  5. Mr_C_Hinecap

    Mr_C_Hinecap LE

    Still used by the BBMF pilots to stay current on 'tail draggers' landing on grass.
  6. PartTimePongo

    PartTimePongo LE

    I didn't know De Havilland (Ahhhhhh) made the Tucano.

    Well you learn something new every day :)

    I think that's a Chippy.

    Mind you , my Air Rec. skills have been bonk in recent times...
  7. grumpyoldb

    grumpyoldb Old-Salt

    It ain't a tail dragger either.

    Its from Linton-on-Ouse.
  8. brockle

    brockle Old-Salt

    Bad wah.
  9. PartTimePongo

    PartTimePongo LE

    Especially bad wah from a Crab too. :D

    I still think it's a Chippy looking at the tail , then again , is it the curvature of the lens extending the elevators?
  10. polar69

    polar69 LE



    the wingtips of the black bugger look a bit to rounded to be a Chipmunk

    And it does look very similar to the Tucano's I see buzzing round E Yorks
  11. Mighty_doh_nut

    Mighty_doh_nut LE


    Its a Tucano

    The Gloss black paint job gives it away although looking at the tail you can see why PTP thought it was a Chipmunk....... but it isn't :D
  12. snapper

    snapper War Hero

    Its a Tucano, there's another one sat outside VAS if you scroll over, nice to see the place is still cluttered with old Phantoms...
  13. Persian_kitten

    Persian_kitten Old-Salt

    I thought De Havilland's last roll-out was the Comet?

    Weren't these made by the same people who developed the Banderanti?
  14. Archimedes

    Archimedes LE

    I'll vote Tucano as well.

    The paint job isn't necessarily a decent clue anymore, since the BBMF's two Chippys have succumbed to the all-over black training scheme. They have a wide white band on the wings, though, and I'd guess that this would be fairly obvious in plan view.


    P_K, yes - originally developed by EMBRAER, but licence built (at considerably greater cost than simply getting the Brazilians to add the UK-specific features at their factory...) by Shorts.

    Can I take my anorak off now?
  15. SamCaine

    SamCaine War Hero

    I vote Tucano, often seen on finals for a very sleapy Shropshire aerodrome.