What does war sound like?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bigeye, Nov 20, 2012.

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  1. bigeye

    bigeye LE

    An interesting collection of soundscapes of modern military conflict. The reference to the drones is interesting (although in Lebanon they used to be known as 'MC's' standing for Mother Camel) The whining noise of the drone generally proceeded a fcuking good pasting for South Beirut. While I was casting around for some bricks to hide under the old hand Lebanese would still be sitting around sipping coffee.

    I'm not sure if others here would concur but when you're really close to an impact it doesn't seem to be as loud as when something lands 100m away. Maybe my hearing is buggered.

    Having being quite close to an airstrike 0n a military convoy I remember a sudden flash, the complete disintegration of the vehicle but no bang. The only noise I remember apart from my a-hole contracting was the driver's curses (he'd been having a pee next to a tank).

    When filming any type a scary bangy situation I have to consciously think not to to open my gob following a hideous embarrassment when I was covering Georgia. I was filming a Russian fighter when it dropped some sort of bomb quite close... apart from the bang the most noticeable sound was the er.. cameraman shouting '**** ME!...**** me!

    BBC News - What does war sound like now?
  2. steven seagull

    steven seagull LE

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  3. bigeye

    bigeye LE

    Not as good as the original Frankie goes to Hollywood version. No wonder his career disappeared up his wazoo.
  4. Stan_Da_Bout

    Stan_Da_Bout LE

    Come to my house at crimbo with the mother-in-law...
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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    The first noise in any modern conflict is invariably a devious whining sound from multiple politicians with no idea of what they're up to.
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  6. DrGonzo1

    DrGonzo1 War Hero

    That was an interesting read! Funnily enough, I wacthed a "Raw" video last night of some iranian dome making whining noises followed by a big explosion.

    Iranian porn is quite boring though.
  7. llech

    llech LE

    Link or it didn't happen!
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  8. DrGonzo1

    DrGonzo1 War Hero

    Mods wont be happy. Just go on tubekitty . com and type "Iranian Porn" I'm sure you'll get some results.

    To the OP - Great post mate.
  9. Yokel

    Yokel LE

    Boom boom boom boom.....

    S Baldrick
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  10. chocolate_frog


    Surley 'hell' or 'victory'?
  11. Zarathustra


    The Top Gun soundtrack.
  12. mush_dad

    mush_dad LE

    Tsk, all these years I've believed it was the distant refrains of 'Slilent Night' followed by an hour of ammo boot on leather football.
  13. *Original* FGtH version? That was a cover of Starr?
  14. fairy_nuff

    fairy_nuff LE

    Neeeooowwwww boom
  15. Detmold_Drunk

    Detmold_Drunk War Hero

    Get to **** yer Brit **** ye!
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