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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by wannabe-rifleman, Jun 19, 2010.

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  1. waiting for the MoD to meet a deadline is dangerous stuff.

    If they say 2012, they mean 2014 at least.
  2. In that case...

    Get one with pop studs too!
  3. big up those boys :)
  4. Up and coming thing is, Battle/blast belt with low profile suspension harness, molle pouches to change as the situation dictates. The new MTP vest comes complete with 25 pouches incl: Admin, triple pouch with elastic retention etc.
  5. It is not a case of issued webbing being crap, it is more that soldiers can't be arssed to take the time to put it together properly, speak to the sweats when you get to Battalion and they will help you construct your belt kit well.
    On customised/bought sets and the problem that your fu*@ed if a pouch gets damaged, JayJay's now constructs his webbing in such a way that if a pouch becomes damaged it can be cut off to reveal a section of belt that will take an issued pouch in its place.
    I bought a set of JayJays belt kit about 6 or 7 years ago and it is fantastic, I've had a lot of use from it and it is still as good as the first day I used it although somewhat well worn in now. I am certainly not advising you to go out and buy a set but if that is your future intention then have a look at this stuff. Although the rigs from troopers, Dragon Etc have their little tweaks and features, they don't seem as solidly made as JayJays.
    I would try and get a decent issued set squared away first and see how you get on before launching into what is quite a big purchase.
  6. This place dose good webbing and also dose MTP (style) stuff G1098 supplies
  7. What he said. Go and see the man at Q&M.
  8. Just get a respirator haversack and bung all your stuff in there...

    Failing that when you get to battalion find one (of the many I'm sure) blokes about to get out that have served in a rifle company since they joined and swap them your g10 issued webbing from the cqms with their properly set up/taped up/alleyed up set, throw in a crate for their troubles, you get your squared away belt kit, they get the right kit to give to the colourman, squared.
  9. For years I had crap webbing (didn't really use it to be honest, had a vest issued instead), had like 3 pouches on it, all rattling around and I looked like a right chippy bastard. Went on a long course though which required webbing so thought I better sort myself with a decent set so went to the clothing store and got extra pouches issued. Put it all together, bungeed and strapped it up and it's now a pretty awesome set. Sure, it took a while to make it all fit and get it solidly done, but it cost me nothing and does all that your fancy 100+ quid does (near enough).

    Basically what I am saying is, get some extra pouches (I have 2 x ammo and 4 x utility) and spend some time putting it all together and making it fit. That's all you'll really need.
  10. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Even for a bowsermong off his face on fumes that is phenomenally stupid.
  11. Assuming I'm a bowser mong, why would this be phenominally stupid.
  12. Issue tissue all the way, except...
    Never got on with opening / closing ammo pouches in a hurry. Yes it's probably something to do with having fingers like pigs-t1ts, but I digress.
    Tried some with fastex clips like on the issue assault vests - no good. Tried reversing the clips so the adjustable length was on the lid. Better, but could be much better.
    I got a set of 'Airborne' ammo pouches with the long velcro tabs - great in 99% of situations.
    After I enjoyed a fortnight crawling up and down Warcop stream beds and in and out of sink holes, I had a cobbler stick a pop stud on them.

    Done it myself on my assault vest, cost about three quid for the velcro, three quid for the pop-studs and eighteen quid in plasters and bandages. Sewing by hand is for the birds, man....
  13. My advice, just go for the issue stuff. Go to your local Military Surplus store and buy more pouches and a hip pad. Then just put it together depending on what is comfy for you. You might want to wait until you ACTUALLY get to your Regiment though. You don't know what SOP's they might have regarding webbing. Mine like the whole symetry balls, not that I listen to that.

    Mind, I am a non-combatant so what do I know.
  14. Save your money.

    The issue PLCE webbing is spot on and far mor adaptable to varying roles than any chest rig/body armour pouch set up ever will be without spending stupid amounts of money.
  15. My tuppence worth (having spent 5 years mincing with warrior)

    Wait until you get to Bn and, as has been said, see what the SOPs are/how the badge man interprets them.

    As has been said, there is nothing wrong with PLCE, as long as it is set up correctly (right amount of pouches for your body size); your section comd should help you with this - it's his job! (regardless of your NIG status ;-))

    Bear in mind as well, being thrown around in the back of the warrior is 'interesting' at the best of times, let alone when you have to sit on the edge of the seat 'cos your pouches are in the way - espech when cramped up against the BV, making brews for the turret crew (for that will be your job, young padowine) - your best bet may be assult vest. WHEN you go and play in the sandpit, you will have plenty of time to square your belt rig away.

    Also, sort yourself out a decent sized daysack - there is no room in a wagon for everyone's bergans - and a dry bag. the bag is so you can take out the comfort items when you need the daysack for patrols, but will stop said items rolling loose in the wagon, thus incurring the wrath of the vehicle comd!

    Good luck with everything!
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