Wearing of commemorative medals.

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Nulli_Boy, Oct 31, 2010.

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  1. Nulli_Boy

    Nulli_Boy War Hero

    Just a heads up on whether you can wear commemorative medals ie: Border service the Hong Kong medal or BFG medal alongside awarded medals ie : GSM etc ? or should they be mounted and worn separately ?

    I wait with baited breath for you replies !
  2. ex_donkey_man

    ex_donkey_man LE

    I know people say you can, (If you've finshed your service) but a few tailors I know have said that people have asked for them mounted together, then once they've seen them, they want them removed. It seems that a lot of veterans on Rememberance day wear two sets (In my area). One for issued, one below it for other medals aquired. I think most people find it a bit "Waltish" to have them together. Plus if you're the only one, you might look at bit strange.
  3. Gungythree

    Gungythree LE

    I have a Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal (PJM )mounted next a GSM with a Borneo clasp,

    I've been out for over twenty years so I dont give a **** what anybody says :)
  4. marco_poloroid

    marco_poloroid LE

    Wear them with pride. If you really don't care that quite a lot of people will think you are a complete and utter tool.
  5. Nulli_Boy

    Nulli_Boy War Hero

    Thanks for your responses guys they are not mine but a friends and it is to settle a difference of opinion,i understood that they were to be worn separately !
  6. takleberry

    takleberry Old-Salt

    RBL site says they should be worn seperately, below awarded medals:rmp:
  7. PrinceAlbert


    Can I wear my COD5 medal that I will get when the game comes out?
  8. takleberry

    takleberry Old-Salt

    Only if you don't get killed on the first day you get it, then you'll deserve the medal (chocolate of course)
  9. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Bought bling is for walts. The PJM is a rather different case as it is not bought, but awarded as a gesture of gratitude by the Government of Malaysia, and is actually authorised for wear by Australian and NZ holders but, oddly, denied for us by a civil servant who has a medal authorised for wear for Antiguan independence or some such ultra-warry tamasha.
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  10. StickyEnd

    StickyEnd LE

    Did you buy that PJM? If not, it isn't the same thing. Personally, I would not wear an unauthorised medal, but I would not criticise anyone wearing any awarded medal and TBQFH, I would not criticise someone wearing a bought one if they actually did the time/service it claims. I wouldn't wear one (my choice), if you wanna, then do so. Not that I think that you will actually give a **** about my opinion.
  11. Gungythree

    Gungythree LE

    It was awarded, it was also approved by HM,it was only some gobby civil servant that said it couldn't be worn on uniform, most Borneo vets are old feckers now :) being a Jock, if they had asked for money I'd never have bothered :)

    I respect your opinion though, cheeky **** that you are :)
  12. StickyEnd

    StickyEnd LE

    Falls over nearest chair and goes into a faint.

    I am a **** though. A cheeky one as well and I promise to give-a-**** tomorrow.
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  13. Slightly off thread (but only slightly). If the Queen has said you can wear it, how can some Civil Servant turn round and countermand her order? I'm confuddled...
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  14. 263A

    263A War Hero

    Nice one 111,you little green smelly object.
  15. Gungythree

    Gungythree LE

    Have a look on here Legs The Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal
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