victor berets, officer berets

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by just_jay, Dec 20, 2007.

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  1. what is the difference between a victor and officer beret, i dont like my issued beret as it has to much over hang as itis to big, so i was looking into getting a different beret which would you suggest?
  2. From looking at your Soldiers and Toast comments above I thought you would know all about berets already......redarrse
  3. im asking because i was looking on silvermans website and wasnt sure on which one to get.
  4. Check your unit PRI shop.
  5. Officers are issued the same berets as other ranks. Victors (in Aldershot) shut down in the early nineties. Silvermans is also a complete rippoff. There is nothing wrong with issue berets as long as you get the right size and know how to shape them.
  6. thanks falls', but can you tell me the difference please, well i know officers berets are silk lined, but what are victor berets?

    and which is better to get?
  7. "what is the difference between a victor and officer beret, i dont like my issued beret as it has to much over hang as itis to big, so i was looking into getting a different beret which would you suggest?"

    speak to someone who's served more than 5 minutes and they'll tell you how to shrink the one you've got. Then maybe you can concentrate on your training. Might even get to be a soldier! :donut:
  8. I will follow Vonshot...... as one of many ex regular soldiers who is now a TA soldier and who has served in the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan I would suggest you moderate or reconsider your offensive signature comments. There are a many TA bods out there who have learned to do the military job at the weekend, woop ass and still hold down a job in civvy street, I have deployed to several vicious hot spots with guys who are any bit as good as the regulars and in some cases better . Also a quick look at history will tell you that the wars we have fought and won have been through the efforts of regulars, conscripts and reservists working together.

    If you aspire to becoming an officer? I suggest you re-evaluate your perception of our rapidly diminishing army more reliant than ever before on ex regular army reservists (like myself) and TA volunteers.


    No mate, its what's underneath it that counts.

  9. sorry POG, my signature was never ment of any offense, im a squaddie not, officer. i do understand what you are saying in regards to the t.a. remark and have took it on board and will edit it :)
  10. Compton Webb. Never Kangol. Advice ends ...............
  11. Gents

    Apply your safety catches - this youngster has asked a perfectly reasonable question, how about giving him some advice.

    My understanding is that, in some units, Officers wear berets with an embroidered band and everyone else wears a leather band.

    Officers should only wear berets purchased from Herbert Johnson or Gieves and Hawkes - anything else is cheap and chippy :D
  12. best thing to do is get an issued one thats too small and stretch the leather less over hang and you keep the beer tokens
  13. cheerz hootch, as a regular squaddie, am i allowed to ware a victor beret?
  14. Not if your heads enormous like mine 8O
  15. They might be issued but do they wear them? Or do they still prefer Gieves and Hawkes? Quite right to IMHO. We can not have the ruperts mistaken for toms (another word adopted out of context by this forum) :)
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