This Heathrow thing...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by crescent, Aug 14, 2007.

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  1. I wonder if these long haired to**ers have ever paused to think that there might just be a consequence to thier illegal direct actions. ie Joe Public getting so enraged that his hard earned familly holiday has been canceled that he takes direct action against them? or will they (the long haired to**ers) just ask for police protection, and more like as not get it!!!!!!!!
  2. Personally I see this protest as an excellent opportunity to test the MoD's latest cluster bomb technology.
  3. :D :D

    I'd vote for you.

    'Surfers Against Sewage'

    Lets all pop off to Cornwall, have a vindaloo and 20 pints of Guinness
    and then a day at the beach.

    Give them something to whinge about. :wink:
  4. We could cut down on 50% of carbon emmissions by banning women from driving. Job Done!

    Clare, get home you've got some hoovering to do
  5. Ref my last the hoover uses electricity, so she can get the carpet beater out, dustpan and brush under it too.
  6. The plan is simple, we misuse the media to get all the tree hugging bean flickers in one place. Then we let one of those ageing 747s, still flying despite the dodgy wiring, to drop out of the sky on them. Heathrow is ideal and the planes taking off have a full fuel load.

    Result, MilliTant Flambee. Charred dykes as far as the eye can see!

    You then have no trouble with rancid lezzers protesting outside your new missile base as you set it up. You get a new cold war, arms deals, tea and medals all round!

    The French first trialled the idea with a hotel full of Jap tourists and travelling salesmen using a tatty old concord! Three cheers for the french! (a first on this site I think)
  7. Sh1tty death, what this? No duff! I'm flying back from outer-fcuking-midnowhere in a week into Terminal 4, are these bartewards going to delay my re-aquaintance with the wrong side of Mrs Short's duvet?

    Gen question as there's only Asia World news here.

    Weather is lovverley in Beijing and Almaty but I haven't got a scooby doo what's going on in the real world.

  8. Apart from being very impressed by the technical PR skills of the camp spokesman "Gary" on Breakfast news this morning, I was slightly less impressed by the PR own goal going on in the background. Somebody, who I later discovered has changed his name to "Vegan" for the purposes of the protest, was rummaging in his Land Rover Discovery.

    So come on eco-warriors, make your minds up - am I evil personified in my 4x4 or just popping up the road for a bit of green activism??
  9. PS This is NOT a trick question. :twisted:
  10. BAN FAIRTRADE FOODS, if they cant make it taste nice on its own merits then Tough Sh1t.

    MAKE POVERTY NOW! I want to be able to afford 3 whores at a time in underdeveloped countries. So Bono and Bob can turn it fcucking in.

    To Feckin blokes who go to protests, there are easier ways of getting laid and you wont spend so much time trying to get rogue pubes out the back of your throat.

    And to Terence Stamp at Live Earth, MAKE YOUR FECKIN MIND UP! you didnt give a toss when you were General Zod out of Superman.

    What happened to the good old days when the Rozzers just used to tw@t hippies over the head with a truncheon at Stonehenge, lets have an arrse day out and pi$$ in their lentils.

    Our slogan could be Give P1ss a chance

    Badum tschh!!
  11. :D

  12. Not the JP234 campsite denial weapon? Now banned but designed to spread pork pies and scratchings across a wide area, denying ground to lank-haired vegan hippies, dogs on strings, samba bands etc.
  13. Make Bob Geldof History, He is polluting the world with people with stupid names.

    Make Bono History, Anyone who goes on about how he still hasnt found what he's looking for, at the same time as wearing sunglasses indoors deserves a fcuking slap.
  14. I also think we should make Ricky Gervais history.

    The backlash starts here folks. :twisted: