Technical Selection Test (ADSC)

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by knee_down, Aug 1, 2010.

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  1. knee_down

    knee_down Swinger

    Sorry If this has been done before but I wanted to clear things up a little.
    I understand that all technical role applicants are required to sit the technical selection test at ADSC, but I am unsure as to weather the role of Armoured Engineer (my choice) is classed as a technical role? Any help is greatly appreciated!

  2. plant_life

    plant_life LE

    Not a chance! You used to have to sit a maths test if you wanted to be one of the design trades, POM, fitter, geo or fitter.
  3. A_Knocker_Till_The_End

    A_Knocker_Till_The_End LE Moderator

    if you class pushing a button while eating a pie TECHNICAL .... then yes. :winkrazz:
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  4. littletimmy

    littletimmy Swinger

    Mate, you have to get somethin like 17 of of 60. Multipule choice. You'd have to be unlucky to fail.
  5. plant_life

    plant_life LE

    Just a thing to remember; with the amount of applicants the Corps can pick and choose who it wants at the moment. I would say if you want to stand a decent chance of getting the trade you want, a decent test score would be a good idea.
  6. lemonkettaz

    lemonkettaz War Hero

    The maths test isn't as easy as you think if your only level of maths is GCSE.

    I hardly touched maths in 6year till I did the TST last year, I passed but I ran out of time with about 9questions left...

    If you haven't seen a maths question for a few year best to get some bitesize revision in.. Might as well give yourself the best chance.
  7. Spr_Tony_23

    Spr_Tony_23 Swinger

    As allready stated 'Armoured' isnt the most technical of trades, so your pass mark wont be too high.

    The quals you need to be accepted on each trade should give you an idea of how hard the entrance exams will be.
  8. remounter

    remounter Swinger

    I'd been out of school for 15 years when I sat my trade test (2008) and managed to pass with 75% and maths had never been my strong point, so it can't be that hard.

    Having said that, the corps can pick and choose the best on offer right now so get the best mark you possibly can.
  9. gav_lah


    hey up plant_life i know what your saying ,but say for example i did great at phisical and icebreaker an so on.what would you say is a must have pass rate for the test if i was going armoured not to clevr at maths but i have been practicing level 2 maths.cheerz
  10. i don't have a GCSE in maths and i passed the tst with a score of 34, without doing any maths for 6 years
  11. gav_lah


    ok mate.i havnt done any maths for the same time untill now just practicing on mock exams but if u dont mind me asking what grade did you get at selection?have u go a start date? and what lob have you gone just eager to fing out as much as poss b4 i go to selection i handed my medical in last week just waiting for it to be cleared.....i hope.cheerz fella
  12. kris 1

    kris 1

    do you need to do the test if your a RE Signaller?
  13. jamiemufu

    jamiemufu Old-Salt

    I had to do tst for Royal Engineer Driver op. I would assume its accross the corps now.
  14. Point & Shoot

    Point & Shoot Old-Salt

    Anyone know the percentage you need for armourer?
  15. Anybody asking about the TST for their job choice, if you need to do it your recruiter will tell you. Ask them, it's good practice for growing a pair!