TA Cuts U-Turn Merged Thread

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bobthedog, Oct 25, 2009.

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  1. bobthedog

    bobthedog LE

  2. Mr_Bridger

    Mr_Bridger War Hero

    They'll hopefully be feeling more pain before this episode is over.

    Immoral, spineless behaviour by both brown, ainsworth, and others.
  3. jim30

    jim30 LE

    So once again, we have a grand strategic level HQ involving itself in the business of an FLC running its budget for the sake of media headlines. I don't support the option at all, but surely unless £20m is magically found from somewhere, we are left with a net problem of finding £20m from elsewhere in the LAND budget. What exactly do we now want LAND to stop doing in order to keep the TA playing until April (and I say this as a Reservist).

    Will the PM intervene every time the MOD tries to implement spending cuts to meet his own proscribed budget levels, or is it only when he thinks votes are at stake?
  4. Mr_Bridger

    Mr_Bridger War Hero

    He spent £5 (?) Billion commiting 2x Aircraft Carriers to being built in his home constituency.... he's capable of anything. Roll on May.
  5. PassingBells

    PassingBells LE

    Or in the Sunday Times today, 1x Aircraft Carrier and 1x Commando Carrier.
  6. auditwinships


    give that man a break he must be really stressed out
  7. auditwinships


    the clever men are crap at anagrams
  8. bobthedog

    bobthedog LE

    auditwinships you are posting on Current Affairs, try to keep it to the subject, or preferably dont post at all. Go to the Naafi if you want to crayon everywhere.
  9. doc80905

    doc80905 War Hero

    A man who seems obsessed with writing about courage, but possesses none of his own.

    Incidentally, 20 million, why the feck are we scraping around trying to save that amount of money anyway? Defence of the realm is a PM's first priority FFS. Given the cash he and his commie cohorts have splurged on utter, utter shite over the years why is the MOD budget being squeezed in this manner?
  10. ExRLCBod

    ExRLCBod Old-Salt

    if they need to pull back money, they could always pull it from the MP expenses budget - no expenses no temptation. or, they could pull it from the welfare state so that we are not supporting 25yr old layabouts with nothing wrong with them other than a terminal degree of laziness, job jobbed
  11. CQMS


    Votes, he will not spend money on people who won't vote Labour. It is his only consideration.
  12. BaldBaBoon

    BaldBaBoon War Hero

    Nice way to run government.

    It was not the fact that you were effectively disbanding a volunteer force....

    It was not that you were going to put additional strain on an already stretched regular forces....

    It was not the fact that you were putting lives at risk....

    and the dozens of other genuine,common sense reasons not to bugger the TA about..

    The only reason they are talking about backtracking was because it is going to make the Prime minister/government look bad..?

    Utter fecking madness,our entire governments policy is basically what looks good in the next days papers.
  13. ABrighter2006

    ABrighter2006 LE

    Interestingly, this is where "one Army" and the public's perspective of what that means could do Brown more harm then his previous brush with the military.

    jim30 - I don't think anyone here is arguing the difficulty facing the MOD in trying to balance the books when the government is underfunding the current war operations (and until recently TELIC). What the current debate is about to highlight is Brown's complete financial ignorance of what it costs to send the military forces of a country to war.

    On the face of it - his financial planning and funding of the MOD since taking his senior Ministerial role and subsequently becoming Prime Minister has led to the cutting of six months of training for the TA. Forget the restructuring discussion and role of the TA for the moment; The current cutbacks are clear proof that Brown has not been able to budget for the MOD in spite of being the man with 100% of the influence.

    So, step forward and explain it to the country Gordon. Let's hear what Gordon Brown can tell this country of the TA or the wider armed forces for that matter.

    He's likely to get as good a reaction as Nick Griifin had on Question Time last week.

    Go on Gordon - let's all hear your take on the TA and how you couldn't budget / your Ministers couldn't budget at the MOD - who's been lying to who, Gordon?
  14. Gadgwah

    Gadgwah LE

    The Buck stops on his desk. Endex.

    If the cnut cannot take the stress, feck off and call an election NOW.

  15. DeltaDog

    DeltaDog LE

    I would hope that the TA aren't playing, but training. Six months without training will set them back in terms of skill; but the real issue is a substantial percentage of lads who will no doubt leave if they aren't given the opportunity to train.

    £20m is pocket change when you take into account the time and money it will take to bring the TA back up to strength when it's needed.

    Also, I don't support the argument that LAND should stop doing anything to fund the TA. If LAND doesn't have the budget, the Government needs to give it to them.

    Finally, the Government itself runs its budget for the sake of media headlines and votes, and that's the route cause of this problem. It isn't a case of having no money, but that the money we do have is being spend on modern art, suits for the unemployed and vast aid donations to countries with strong economies.