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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by HENDO, Oct 23, 2006.

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  1. HENDO

    HENDO Old-Salt

    Im trying to find a site or somewhere that will have pre printed stag lists/cards that I can just print out and laminate any ideas??
  2. Please forgive my ignorance, but what exactly is a stag card?

    Is it just a card with the guard rota times/names?
  3. Should be a simple matter making them yourself then.

    Reminds me that I really should get busy with the laminator myself though!
  4. Purple_Emperor

    Purple_Emperor War Hero

    I could send you one I wrote on the last ftx, but then you'd have to rename everyone in your section so that they matched the names on the card!
  5. daveh1414


    i am aware this is a late late reply however i am trying to find the following electronic copies for a orders book to go on a stag position for teaching cadets as i have now left the forces and now teaching cadets, if you or anyone else could help please get in contact with me.

    Section OOM Sheet including Rifle No.s
    Section Kit Inspection Sheet
    Stag Rota
    Section Casualty/Ammo Card
    Range Card
    Combat Estimate (7 Q's)
    Warning Order Template
    Deliberate Attack Orders Template
    Patrol Orders Template (Recce, Standing/OP, Fighting)
    Ambush Orders Template
    VCP Orders Template
    Sentries Orders Template
    Harbour Area Checklist/Memoire
    Battle Preparation Checklist
    Patrol Report

    Situation Report Template
    Contact Report Template
    Location Report Template
    Patrol Report Template

  6. daveh1414


    :) thankyou
  7. chocolate_frog


    Just a query... where are VCPs in the ACF/CCF sylabi?
  8. daveh1414


    there not however if i am going to have a Orders book i might as well have everything just in case they ever do
  9. chocolate_frog


  10. daveh1414


    Cheers for the advice. I also have to remember there not phase one recruits, as thats where i Finished my last two years :S.