Spitfire over Norwich

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by crabby, Sep 15, 2008.

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  1. crabby

    crabby LE

    About 1800 walked out of my flat for 30seconds and somehow had timed it perfectly. As soon as I opened the door I could feel my semi rising at the sound of a merlin.

    Flying over Norwich at quite low altitude was a Spitfire. Possibly mk1 (v.rounded wingtips, no visible "cannon"). I'm pretty good at IDing spits, but it was only visible for a short time so couldn't be sure on a mk1. Beautiful and absolutely made my day as very rare around here.

    Anyone shed any light on what spitfire it was and what it was doing up here?
  2. crabby

    crabby LE

  3. An eerie video. With the repeated focus on the clock tower, I had premonitions of a 9/15.
  4. crabby

    crabby LE

    Norwich city hall clock tower is damned impresive! Hitler wanted to do his victory speech from Norwich City Hall because he liked the Architecture (it's a bit, in your face, squarish...).

    Living in the city centre I had a cracking view :D
  5. Maple

    Maple LE

    Were you still in bed when he flew over at 12:00 Crabby?
  6. Blue/GreenJob

    Blue/GreenJob LE

    Can't have been as good as the 1983 Battle of Britain flypast.....I were there (As we still had an RAF Coltishall then) smack bang on mid-day, clock strikes 12, parade to present arms (Including Norwich City mace and sword bearer), First bar of the "March of the Royal Airforce" and exactly at the same time All THREE flew over (Spitfire, Hurricane and Lancaster), followed closely by all 3 squadrons of Jaguars.....plus having the parents watching, close to my heart bursting with pride, we marched of to cheers from ALL of the local populace.....try recreating that now....FFS most of the mongs nowadays wouldn't even know what it was for!!
  7. FatBoyGeorge

    FatBoyGeorge LE

    Damn it! I was stuck in the back end of nowhere towards fucking Stowmarket.

    Although earlier this year I was treated to a very very low fly-by off of a Spit over the rugby pitches at Beeston Hyrne. The pilot was coming into land at the airport, saw all the players/spectators and decided to do a quick once round, bombing run style, just for giggles. They were even kind enough to dip the wing and do a roll.
  8. crabby

    crabby LE

    The spit I saw was actually 1800, when I was back from work. At 1200 I was at work, though maybe close enough to the city centre to have seen it if I'd not been inside.
  9. supermark500

    supermark500 War Hero

    Living next to Bletchley Park I get to see lots of flypasts. My wife doesn't understand why I jump up off the sofa while watching tv to see a Dakota/Spitfire/Hurricane/Lancaster fly past. Magnificent planes.
  10. Themanwho

    Themanwho LE

    I live in Folkestone, and regularly rush out to the garden to watch Spits & Hurris beating up the site of Hawkinge. The last time I did so (hobbling out on crutches), the next door's rug rat asked me what I was doing.

    "Watching the Spitfire over there" I said.

    "What's a Spitfire?"

    I was at a loss for words. "Ask your Dad" was all I could come up with.

    My wife told me the following day his Dad (Inf Sgt) had asked her to tell me that the rugrat now knew what a Spitfire was. I think it was beaten into him. Hopefully with a big stick.
  11. Bradstyley

    Bradstyley LE

    I remember seeing a 30-odd plane Balbo at Duxford a couple years ago, plenty of Dragon Rapides, a Ju-52, spam planes like P-40s and P-51-but everyone was watching the Spitfires!
  12. fatsplasher

    fatsplasher LE

    I imagine the one over Norwich is for educational purposes showing the people of Norwich the wonders and evolution of flight.You've got the jets to look forward to yet they'll really blow your mind :D
  13. Bat_Crab

    Bat_Crab LE

    The only ac which sounds better than a Spitfire is a Lancaster; the annual flypast at RAF Wyton for the Pathfinder Association is a brilliant spectacle. We have a Spitfire flypast planned here for our Battle of Britain Dinner on Friday and I'm already excited like a school boy! A few years ago the pilot flew in his Mess Rig so he could join us for dinner straight afterwards.
  14. crabby

    crabby LE

    Be that loike them new fangellle' trac'or things?

    I drive past Duxford quite often and am shocked I've not had an accident as I'm always trying to peer in and point out planes to a dis-interested wife!
  15. fatsplasher

    fatsplasher LE

    Be that loike them new fangellle' trac'or things?

    Not to dissimilar they certainly plough a good furrow if they come down unintentionally.
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