Soldiers going hungry in Afghan...

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by spike7451, Jun 10, 2012.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Daily hate scaremongering again or a real issue?...

    Soldiers go into battle in Afghanistan on empty stomachs | Mail Online

    Bring back bacon grill,babies heads & train smash I say...:lick:
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  2. chocolate_frog


    Salad? In a ratpack? How does that work? desicated lettuce in a box?
  3. Mr_Snakey

    Mr_Snakey LE

    I rather like the new rat packs. I always throw half mine away.

    I think the boil in the bag ploughman's lunch was a bit ambitious though...
  4. Sure this has be covered on here before. I thought the new ones were pretty good last year - remember this was only one letter, and to the daily mail. The rat packs (did) come with feedback cards if you did think that they were that gopping.
  5. Recce19

    Recce19 LE

    It has to be true - 'hellsbrink' says everything we read in the papers is completely on the level and all information is correct!
  6. CQMS


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  7. tuffy52

    tuffy52 LE

    Lettuce?,,,how does that work then?,do you have to reconstitute it?,how about salad dressing (olive oil+lemon juice+black pepper)?,is it a special variety that does not wilt in the heat of a Afghani Summer?,does it come with tomatoes and grated cheddar?.....The mind boggles....
  8. Draft Dodger

    Draft Dodger LE

    instant fruit muesli, breakfast of champions
  9. chocolate_frog


    I think they feedback cards have 'expired'. You'll still find them in there though. Bit likewhen you had to replace the chocolate and cheese possessed.
  10. the_guru

    the_guru LE

    So they're not going hungry because of lack of food. They're going hungry because they are picky *******. I used to hate some of the old tinned compo stuff, but I ate the ******* stuff when I was hungry.

    In short, stop dripping, man the **** up and eat what's put in front of you.
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  11. Old Bastard

    Old Bastard Old-Salt

    The ideal: Corn/Beef Hash, Sausage and Beans, Lancs Hotpot, Treacle Pudding, 3xYorkie, Biscuit Fruits, Beef Pate.
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  12. Draft Dodger

    Draft Dodger LE

    they're clearly not hungry enough, their manning should be reduced so they have to work harder.
  13. Biscuits_AB


    Boil in the bag Currywurst and Pommes Mayo. It's the future.

    If they don't like the food, pay, conditions, deployments, etc, etc, then they should make the obvious choice. Since Afghhanistan kicked off, the amount of ******* whining has steadily grown to embarrassment levels. Don't like it, sign off. You'll be replaced.
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  14. chocolate_frog


    You'd eat it if they were hungry enough.

    As my gran used to say.

    My Primary school teacher used to tell us when she was young, her Mother used to t hreaten to send their food to Africa in a jiffy bag if they didn't eat it... her sister used to shout 'they can have mine'... this must have been in the 1940/50s!
  15. misterp

    misterp Old-Salt

    When the mixed menu rations came out there was a guy in my unit who only ate menu 3 as that was the only one he could eat (liked). if your that hungry you'd eat it!