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Slang names for Nationalities

Discussion in 'Travel' started by happybonzo, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. happybonzo

    happybonzo Clanker

    Slang names for nationalities: I've heard of Frogs, Eyeties, Boxheads etc
    but what word or term would you use for the Portuguese? I have heard them described by some one on another site as "Porkys"

    Has anyone ever heard or even used that as term to describe the Portuguese?
  2. Ulster_Rifleman

    Ulster_Rifleman Clanker


    Portuguese slang for «portuguese». It started out by being a derogatory term used by the African rebels during the Portuguese colonial wars (1960's - 1974). Ironically, it is now a word that overly patriotic portuguese use to refer to themselves.
    «Estão ali mais tugas.» - Look, more portuguese people over there.

    «Orgulho Tuga» - Portuguese Pride

    TIGER-MONKEY Clanker

    Pork & Beans was the one I have always heard for the Portuguese
  4. Mitchthebar

    Mitchthebar Clanker

    I found this if it is of any help:


    First, there’s “pork and cheese,” a pet name for the Portuguese that probably originated in the gas-choked trenches of the first World War. The phrase has nothing to do with what Portuguese soldiers ate; it’s just simple rhyming slang. :wtf:

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