Sick joke about Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

Discussion in 'Sick Jokes' started by SuperGay, Mar 12, 2014.

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Is this remotely funny or not???

  1. Yes

  2. Feck No!

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. SuperGay

    SuperGay Old-Salt

    Ok lads, the fella from American Pie made a cheap crack about the missing Malaysian Airlines MH370, whilst I'm seeing alot of outcries and outbursts, the question remains, is it too soon, too funny, etc?

    AMERICAN Pie actor Jason Biggs has tweeted a rather tasteless joke about still-missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, prompting outrage from other Twitter users.

    As families of the 239 passengers on board the missing flight anxiously await any news on their loved ones, Biggs threw in a reference to the unfolding drama in, of all things, a tweet about the US version of The Bachelor.

    “Nikki is looking for Juan Pablo to say “I Love You.” She’d have better luck looking for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. #TheBachelor”, the actor tweeted.
  2. Idrach

    Idrach LE

    For squaddies or for the bunch of PC lackwit bansturbators that infest Twatter?
  3. steven seagull

    steven seagull LE

    Where is the "who gives a fuxk what happens on Twitter" option?
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  4. Idrach

    Idrach LE

    Anyway, it might be funny if I knew anything about "the US version of 'The Bachelor'" therefore had any appreciation of the context. It might not. As I don't, it isn't, but that's nothing to do with MH370.
  5. Lindermyer

    Lindermyer LE

    No such thing as to soon in private / less public arenas.

    Of course to soon to make a joke as a celebrity on twitter where its likely to be seen bought to the attention of the families by the media and cause upset is a different matter.

    also what Idrach said
  6. Steven

    Steven LE

    Who the fuck is Nikki, who the fuck is Juan Pablo, who the fuck is Jason Biggs, what the fuck is The Bachelor. Why is #1 who the fuck looking for #2 who the fuck and why the fuck should I care?

    As you may have guessed this "joke" is lacking a bit in translation.
  7. smartascarrots

    smartascarrots LE

    It isn't outrageous, disgusting or sick. It's just not really all that funny.

    The Lockerbie ones were much better.
  8. Chef

    Chef LE

    If it was funny fair enough (it isn't) there were Kings Cross fire jokes coming out later the same night and that was before the Internet .

    The only disaster I never heard a joke about was Aberfan.
    Duppy likes this.
  9. exbleep

    exbleep LE

    Absolutely outrageous! It's too soon, not to soon. (unless there was a stop on the way at Soon).
  10. jinxy

    jinxy LE

    Who ordered all this coal???
  11. Gary Cooper

    Gary Cooper LE

    It's not actually a joke about Malaysian Airlines. In fact it's not actually a joke at all.

    Disaster jokes just went downhill after Aberfan.
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  12. smartascarrots

    smartascarrots LE

    Aberfan must have confused the Hell out of spelling Nazis when they read the headlines: "Disaster in Mining Village, Many Minors Killed."
  13. Mugatu

    Mugatu LE

    He'll get shot down in flames for that one!
    Gary Cooper likes this.
  14. Effendi

    Effendi LE

    Whats a twitter?
  15. jinxy

    jinxy LE

    Many twats?
    fu2 likes this.
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