Should Military MOD Staff Wear Uniform?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by The-Goose, May 24, 2007.

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  1. The-Goose

    The-Goose LE

    What is the reason that Military MOD Staff don't wear Uniform to work everyday?
  2. drain_sniffer

    drain_sniffer LE

    I take it you mean those who work in main building?
  3. Themanwho

    Themanwho LE

    Hell yes, the kit's free and all the girlies go moist at the sight of a soldier in combats, honest.
  4. Biscuits_AB


    Clothing Allowance doesn't come with CS 95.
  5. What is it these days? 5 years ago it was £53 per year! Hardly enough to buy a couple of shirts...
  6. Desk_Jockey

    Desk_Jockey Old-Salt

    They do at Abbey Wood, and have done for some years. I still remember the hilarity caused by a bunch of podgy Group Captains turning up with uniforms that might have fitted the last time they were worn, but were definately on the bulgy side...
  7. Outstanding

    Outstanding LE

    The allowances are not the point really. The point is, they are serving military staff, they are in their own country, indeed in the capital city of their own country, but they don't wear the uniform of the service that pays their wages.

  8. Drummer_Boy

    Drummer_Boy Old-Salt

    They could get badges with stars on, just like at McDonalds!!

    Apply the same purchasing rules as the rest of the MOD and go to the lowest bidder, should be good for a laugh.

    Of course then they would require rank insignia as well, and qualify as true Walts!! :twisted:
  9. Biscuits_AB


    £53 per annum? Was that the lower rate? I was on the higher rate......which still didn't get you a couple of shirts....unless you were comfortable in 'Tesco Tearaways' or something natty from 'Poundstretcher'.

    I used to just drink mine.
  10. Outstanding

    Outstanding LE

    Not the civvies ( although that could be funny) The military - I have to say the more you think about it the more it becomes a serious question.
  11. Biscuits_AB


    ..........because they can, I suppose.
  12. Biscuits_AB


    Could you imagine the civvies in uniform with rank insignia? Aren't they bad enough at reminding you of their 'military equivelant' ranks as it is?

    They'd be pouncing out from behind thier calculators on unsuspecting SPS Wallahs.
  13. Outstanding

    Outstanding LE

    Biscuits! But is it right? Why can they not dress like all other service personnel on duty. Is there some security issue, that is not really given away by the presence of lots of stripey blue shirts going into Main Building!?
  14. EX_STAB


    Why aren't they in SD?
  15. It wasn't the lower rate, it was the MoD Loondon rate - specially for the staff employed there. For God's sake, the bloody drivers got more than us (and we HAD to wear smart clothes - the men had to wear suit and tie).