Serious Organised Crime Agency

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Danny_Dravot, Feb 23, 2006.

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  1. adastra

    adastra War Hero

    Ding !, Ding ! End of Round .......................?

    Mr Walt & Mr Apprenctice you are getting as popular as myself. :oops: :oops:

    All very interesting but what has this got to do with the Intel Corpse (awaiting incoming usual microsoft comments)

    If you need to set up a HMRC/SOCA/UKBA blog to vent each others pro/neg views PM me.

    Now let us get back to them Slimers. Here is one I found earlier ...............

    Green Slime RAF Roadie :cry: :?
  2. Very nice! Don't like yours much!

    You took your time chucking your two-penneth in! If I fraternise with you they will definitely believe all the bad press. :x
  3. You only posted that so that you could have the last word. Your welcome.

    Every time you hit the send key, a little bit more of your credibility disappears. Actually, I have enjoyed this fireside chat. It shows that you still hold everybody else in the law enforcement world in utter contempt, but still can't fathom why no-one likes you.

    It's worth noting that the tone of your threads, from largely agreeing with me at first, to dismissing and abusing me as soon as the penny dropped that I was in a support role, proving that culturally, you are still in the NIS. When this thread was recently revived, I stated that I had nothing to add about the new SOCA, because as far as I was concerned they had completely disappeared off my radar. However your posts leave me with the suspicion that nothing much has changed except the name and you now have a silly thundercats badge in your pocket. Its also worth noting that you have twisted the argument and distorted the stated facts to suit your increasingly vitriolic attacks.

    Why don't you tell Harrythebastard how wrong he is too? Because, forum wise, he'd probably tear you a new one and leave you looking an even bigger cünt, because he will probably not hold back in telling you some home truths about SOCA.

    And don't you dare call me a 'fellow officer' I am not one of your colleagues any longer.

    It's been cathartic alright. For you that is! Doesn't the new SOCA provide support staff for you to bully and belittle then? Or do they simply tell you to fcuk off these days?

    Still, Keep up the good work. The rest of us enjoy having someone to hate, just as you clearly do :rofl:
  4. adastra

    adastra War Hero

    Will you two civilians please go and get a room somewhere. I am the only true and rightful custodian of the readers' vitriol round here.

    (( With the atrociuos state of vetting outside the MoD how can we know that either of you did not have "HR issues" with a precurrsor organisation?))
  5. Howayman

    Howayman LE

    Adastra, you're getting very really are a one trick pony aren't you?
  6. I think he may have been drinking; there can be no other reason why he would have such grievous spelling in this forum!
  7. adastra

    adastra War Hero

  8. DigitalGeek

    DigitalGeek LE

  9. DG, Genius!!!

  10. Whiskybreath

    Whiskybreath LE

    Christ, AdAstra, do you go looking for that sort of thing? You've got a very sick little elf living in your head. Now you've spoiled this thread for me. Twat.
  11. My part in it is over. As he said I just have to have the last word. Not sure why he thinks I'm in SOCA? :?
  12. InspectorDiver

    InspectorDiver War Hero

    Can't wait to see how all the egos at the gardens will deal with a new "Border Police" if it becomes part of a refocused SOCA.

    Needless to say I bet someone gets a nice office out of it, rumour has it there are a few people at CEOP who want to break out and move over to the new organisation, if it ever happens....
  13. subbsonic

    subbsonic LE

    I'm a bit torn about who to vote for in the elections for the National Organised Crime Agency Regional Director competition.

    anyone got any suggestions?

    BTW, What happened to the Frivolous and Unorganised Crime Agency ?

    Pass my duffel coat over will you? that's my Marina TC outside
  14. CRmeansCeilingReached

    CRmeansCeilingReached LE Moderator

    subby, i think they were binned after everybody decided they didn't want to work for some "FUCA" :D
  15. Up_In_Arms

    Up_In_Arms Clanker

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