Scottish Poppies vs. English Poppies

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Galileo82, Nov 6, 2008.

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    I haven’t read this anywhere here so I thought I would drop it in. I recently discovered that there is a difference between Scottish Poppies and English Poppies. When I saw the ones news presenters etc were wearing I just thought it was a fancy one, but no, they are English ones.

    The English poppy has two petals and a leaf and the Scottish one has four petals and no leaf.

    On further investigation (Poppyscotland) I discovered that apart from being botanically incorrect, it would cost £15 000 to attach a leaf to each of the Scottish poppies, money which Scotland feels could be better spent on veterans and their dependants in Scotland.

    This shocked me. Why does England put a leaf on the poppies, when it is botanically incorrect and costly, money which could be given to veterans? I was under the impression that all poppies were created by the Earl Haig fund, is that just Scottish? Are English ones made under the Royal British Legion?

    Any clarification on these points would be well received!


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  3. For once our Scottish "Thriftyness" is actually a good thing. Should be across the board though if the money is saved for Veterans and can be spent better elsewhere.
  4. My Grandfather used to get an English poppy sent up by a friend, he would not wear a haig fund one as he thought Haig was a cnut of the 1st order. As a former HLI man who lot 3 brothers in WW1 he was entitled to his choice I reckon.
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    Yes, we did it last year. Link.
  6. But why should there be a difference? Surely the cheaper the poppy is to produce the more money there will be in the bank?

    Also, why spend MORE money to make it botanically incorrect? That defies reason!