Scots drink 46 bottles of vodka

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by smartascarrots, Jan 17, 2010.

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  1. uncle_vanya

    uncle_vanya LE

    When I were a young lad... I once drank two bottles 'o Bacardi one night at a Corporals Mess function.... when I took ma clothes off, no boogar noticed as there was 3 chaps sat neked on bar stools drinking and chatting away with the Girlfriends, Wves and Wimin.... nary an eyelid was batted.... of course I just collapsed and went to sleep in a vacant arm chair....... :p

    Now that I live in an Old People's Home... Matron won't allow me to do this.... not any more.... not even to lean sideways to break wind...... :roll: :oops:
  2. spike7451


    My local ASDA are selling 70Cl bottles of whisky for £3.30 each,granted they're only 15% proof but if it taste's like whisky....
    Not tried it yet but will do Monday night.
    (purely in the name of research you understand...)
  3. bovvy

    bovvy LE

    I didn't know you could buy spirits as weak as 15% ABV. 8O
    The branded stuff (e.g. Bells, Teachers, Grouse, etc.) tends to be 40% ABV and I thought the weakest, cheapest "own brand" (e.g. ASDA Smart Price) was 34 - 35% ABV.

    (15% ABV usually refers to a substantial wine or a cheap vermouth.)

    Incidentally, "proof" is completely different:

  4. johnboyzzz

    johnboyzzz LE

    Yawn :D Racist git
  5. Monty417

    Monty417 LE

    They must be easing down. When I was working in Aberdeenshire '76 to '82 the local fav spirit was voddie, but with coke or Irn Bru, mainly because the coke covered the taste of the spirit and they could get pissed faster and vodka was cheaper. Not too many were drinking the old'water of life,' but downing a bottle of vodka per day was no big deal, plus a few Tennents of course. :D
  6. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    There is a pu ion Glasgow
    On the bar it has 1 larger pump (Tenants) I Vodka on tap and one Irn Bru

    I'll rmember then name of it when I sober up
  7. rabid_hamster

    rabid_hamster War Hero

    Average weekly sales for Scottish drinkers were 26.5 units per person over the age of 18, equivalent to about 11 pints of beer or three bottles of wine.

    jeez ... I get through about 45 a week and I thought i was a bit of a 'weak sister' and was letting the side down!
  8. Haven't had a drink in 8 years so there is some very pished person taking my share.
  9. ringdoby

    ringdoby LE

    Heh, whilst at 6Armd, me and a Tels Tech used to drink 2 bottles of wine each, on the Friday afternoon, head down the Wksp bar until closing, then onto the Landsmann, followed by the Breakfast Bar. Back in the days when a binge drinker was classed as a social drinker.

    Good times at a shite unit.
  10. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    6 Armd bar made from AFV floor plates :lol:
  11. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I try my best to get through a half dozen bottles of single malt a year but am nowhere near the 46 bottle range.
  12. Father_Famine

    Father_Famine LE

    Bucky is the problem though according to a BBC survey

    Bucky, That's the game, Jim.........

    Thought I'd slip this in here, don't want to create the image that the Jocks have a drink problem by starting another thread...........TeeHee

    Apparently its something to do with the caffeine levels. Bollux, that just keeps the jocks up all night.

    I would have thought it was more to do with mixing it with Tennants Special
  13. tropper66


    Yer but they aint allcys, their all CAFFEINE addicts
  14. spike7451


    It's a mix of un-named whisky & British wine....It tastes wierd...posh buckfast?..
  15. TaffYorkie

    TaffYorkie Old-Salt

    I see the survey never even attempted to count the alcohol consumption of the Northern Irish...

    I suppose if our 'well respected' Christian politicians can get pissed-up, and screw teenage boys, it says it all really...