SAS & AAC- not a pisstake

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by mrrandom, Mar 12, 2011.

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  1. mrrandom

    mrrandom LE

    I caught the tail-end of a program the other night, in it they were talking about some SAS & SOE who had been killed during the closing stages of WW2 and the investigation which followed

    something struck me as a little unusual, the grave stones of the SAS soldiers were in a small French graveyard but looked like the white commonwealth war grave headstones on them it had the winged dagger, name, rank and everything you’d expect

    it then went on to state


    was that a French misunderstanding of there role or were the SAS originally part of the AAC
  2. Joe_Private

    Joe_Private LE

    Look at pictures of SAS in France, and you will see them wearing maroon berets with the SAS badge.
  3. mrrandom

    mrrandom LE

    which I understood to mean they were paras, am i being really thick and missing something obvious
  4. ooooh_matron

    ooooh_matron LE

    No, you're being thick. Before the paras jumped out of aircraft, they used to prefer to stay in their gliders until they hit the floor.
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  5. Jungelism

    Jungelism LE

    Willing to be corrected but I was under the impression that when they left the desert for 1944 they were subsumed into the Airborne Division of the attack (makes sense, special AIR service) and thus rebereted from sandy to maroon (but had even previously worn white berets, briefly).
  6. mrrandom

    mrrandom LE

    nothing new there, guess I need to reread some books
  7. ooooh_matron

    ooooh_matron LE

    You can learn all you need to know from porn. Books are over-rated.
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  8. The original AAC was nothing like its modern lot, in the second big war it was an admin hq for airborne forces, so included GPR, SAS & Paras. also if meomery services right the RA Air OPs were too. So you'll find most commonwealth graves of those units will say AAC on them.

    Great way to wind up paras by telling them they use to be AAC:pissedoff:
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  9. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    THe Army Air Corps encompassed the Parachute Regiment and the Special Air Service as well as the Glider Pilot Regiment.

    Most of the Para Regt and SAS graves from the second world war will carry both cap badges.

    We let the Parachute regiment keep the Maroon berets as they were bordering on camp, we opted fro a manly powder blue that gets dirty the second after you shape it.


    Note Army Air Corps..........


    The above is the old badge...... replaced for the slightly sexier

  10. CC_TA

    CC_TA LE

    Not really; they seem to get on quite well, the obvious banter but on the whole a good bit of respect for eachother. Try and find a Para that doesn't want to see an AAC taxi/Apache when their in the shite. :)
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  11. I totally agree that they get on and most of it is banter, especially since Helmand 2006 where 3 Para and the AAC AH force did very well together.

    However having met and worked with quite a few paras over the years i know what winds them up a treat!

    things like;
    1) Para use to be part of the AAC
    2) The AAC are NOT crap hats, as we wear berets with all form of dress and that the GPR use to wear the maroon beret too
    3) the true airbourne colours are Maroon red and cambridge blue
    and finally number
    4) (my favourite) there were NO paras at pegasus bridge but in fact the Oxs & Bucks LI (Glider troops who are now part of RIFLES), RE and GPR (who are now AAC) so there for the Paras stole the battle honour of P Bridge from Ox's & Bucks/RGJ/Rifles
  12. blobmeister

    blobmeister LE

    PARA have their own right to display Peggy Bridge, they were the first replacements after the coup de main.

    They were awarded the battle honour, not stolen as suggested.
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  13. the Paras were not the first reinforcements, the Somerset LI who were a parachute roled (but not badged unit) and Lovet Commandos were the first and second on the bridge and neither of them units have the battle honour.

    The paras took all airbourne battle honours, even if units at the battles were other capbadged but were in a glider/para role

    Same reason PWRR do not have the battle honour from Arnham (won by the Royal Sussex Regiment who even earned a VC!)
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  14. mrrandom

    mrrandom LE

    thanks for that fellas
  15. waitout

    waitout LE

    7th (Light Infantry) Battalion :) apparently became 3 Para which I never knew, everyday a school day

    So as per the Rifles that battle honour will be carried onto the new battalion.
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