Rowallan Company - Propaganda Booklet (circa 1982)

Discussion in 'Officers' started by KnightsofRowallan, Sep 10, 2012.

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  1. Back in the good old days there was no internet and no Arrse website for you to endlessly ask questions and advice about RCB/AOSB.
    The endless hand wringing and questions, "can I go to sandhurst if I don't like spiders?", "Can I take a computer?" and "do I have to buy a suit?"

    It was a simplier time. You got your instructions (printed on green paper), got yourself fit by running/tabbing in some old lightweights & BCH with some rocks in a sack on your back (as advised by Col (retd) Cadogan, thank you sir), got the kit list and then got yourself to the factory at the appointed time and date.

    But then there was the greater mystery. The Rowallan Company pass from RCB. Your acceptance letter merely described it as a 10 week pre-sandhurst course.
    They even included a little booklet to show you how pleasant it would all be. Just a bit of adventure training really.
    This was to maximise the 'shock of capture' I am quite sure.

    (And a hat tip to Gareth for letting me know what was coming and some useful tips or I doubt I would have survived the first day! e.g. Having 2 wash kits - vital).

    Anyway, having a clear out and I found my little red book. So for nostalgia sake and to try and induce some flashbacks and horror stories I have scanned it and I will attempt to post it. Enjoy!

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  2. more pages.

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  3. The final pages. It was all so easy (apparently).

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  4. And not a red tracksuit in sight.
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  5. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Gallery Guru

    I lived above Rowallan when it was in the basement of Old College and had the pleasure of watching the lucky select few engaged in their 'mean machines' every day ..... they appear to have missed that out of the brochure.
  6. It strikes me that they left an awful LOT out of the brochure.
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  7. Thank god they binned Row-Co; I had a Rowallen pass when I did RCB in 2001. By the time I got to rmas in 2006 it was all gone!!
  8. Same here. We kept our heads away from the window as the apocryphal story was that someone mocked the RowCo convicts from the heady heights of Term 1 and found themself moving in with RowCo later that day.
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  9. I thought RoCo was for the spazzes?
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  10. In the late 70s those who survived RowCo were generally really strong individuals - I can't speak for the ones who didn't get through.

    Those I knew on SMC and RCC at Sandhurst had a Brit sort of 'you weren't there man, you just don't know' public face. I respected them for getting through it, and it seemed to serve them well.
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  11. To be fair I have heard similar sentiments - I just hadn't appreciated that it was a genuine preselection route (rather than back-squading alone)
  12. ImageUploadedByARRSE1347311229.184083.jpg

    How lovely! The happy inmates pictured having finally snapped, and tied one of the DS to a stretcher....for his own safety of course.
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  13. Gallowglass - I think you will find they are "enjoying the exhilaration of a stretcher race". I have been many things on stretcher races.... but never exhilarated.
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  14. bokkatankie

    bokkatankie On ROPs

    Bloke with glasses and a tache looks slightly old for that sort of thing! As does the one at the top. Looking more closely they appear to be twins?
  15. Some of us made that mistake at leconfied. We eded up marching with the WRACS
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