Rifles Hot or Not - Show us yer kit!

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Biped, Mar 7, 2009.

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  1. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Seeing as there's so much porn around ARRSE at the moment, how's a bit of rifle porn.

    Here's a thread to show off your own personal rifle - your favourite if you've got more than one.

    It's also an unsubtle 'wow, look what I just got back from Birmingham Proof House' expose of my newly threaded rifle. :D


    My .308 Tikka M595 with Predator 8 Mod, Harris Low Bipod and Schmidt & Bender PMII

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  2. EX_STAB


    Nice rig, shame about the bipod.

    How many rounds in that mag?
  3. Tartan_Terrier

    Tartan_Terrier LE

    Nice rifle Biped!

    Here is my Mauser K98 from 1938. Rebarrelled to 7.62 NATO, but otherwise as original and matching (though obviously not the barrel).

    Attached Files:

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  4. EX_STAB



    SAKO TRG22. S&B PMII. Swarovski 7x42 GA
    Lapua 155 Scenar/Viht N140/Lapua Brass/CCi Primer
    MTM Caseguard boxes
    F pencil by Lakeland.

    Model's own sandbag.
  5. Devilishdave

    Devilishdave War Hero

    .243 Rem 700 in HS Precision Stock, S&B 8x56, Timney Trigger, Reflex T8 Mod and neoprene cover, Harris 13-27 inch bipod, Butler creek flip up covers, Butler creek sling, Removable Mag convertion.

    Ammo; 95 Grain Noslers with 42 grain of vit 160 and Federal Gold primers


    It is away at Border Barrels at the moment getting a new barrel in .243 AI, trued action and 20Moa picitany rail.

  6. bubsnicket

    bubsnicket Old-Salt


    I know its not a rifle per se but since the israelis make their take on the SA80 look like its on crack and interbred with the terminator I thought I would post this bad boy.

    Damn those Jews are good at making shit that kills people look cool.
  7. Tartan_Terrier

    Tartan_Terrier LE

    Is that yours then? Or is it just a random gun pic that you found on the net?

    The clue is in the title 'Show us yer kit' :roll:
  8. bubsnicket

    bubsnicket Old-Salt

    Yes, I have my own assault rifle under my bed.

    I appologise for attempting to stimulate a bit of conversation, I wont bother in the future.
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  9. Farmerbleep

    Farmerbleep Old-Salt

    My favourite piece of kit.

    Steyr CISM in .308. Night force scope, harris bipod.

    Thank you and good night.

    Attached Files:

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  10. Bossdog

    Bossdog LE

    Are you stupid?

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  11. Sparky2339

    Sparky2339 LE

    Good luck to you mate, whichever Regiment you aspire to be in. Go for it. Try your best, even if you fail you can hold your head up and say that at least you gave it a real go.


    Yes this is the internet and we can all be who we'd like to be on here etc etc, but once you get to basic they'll chip away at you and chip away till you crack.

    Break you and remake you, the Army knows everyone has a different breaking point, if you bite easily that chink in your armour will get exploited.

    You with me?.. Good luck mate - all the best.

  12. bubsnicket

    bubsnicket Old-Salt

    Your a bit of an ass really, arent you? Do you enjoy picking fights with people on the internet so you can act the hard man? Bullied at school were we? Daddy didnt have any time for you?

    You still clearly have some issues to work out with yourself, you might want to look into it.

    ps. I hope you dont treat people in Bn like you treat people on here, otherwise you are just confirming what everyone says about the para reg.
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  13. Goldbricker

    Goldbricker LE

    Ruger Mod 10/22 in .22LR ( stock except for M16A1 type front and rear sights for Practicing)

  14. Goldbricker

    Goldbricker LE

    Lee-Enfield, SMLE
    Kings Crown
    B.S.A. co
    Sht LE

    windage adjustable backsight
    Stock marked under grip with RWF

    Looks like crap, but bore is nice with good rifling to muzzle

  15. tropper66


    Iv'e had a very similar weapon for over 30 years, hears a tip I had the woodwork French polished by a mate and it came up like a new gun, I got Parker Hale sights fitted and If you can see it you can hit it, well somtimes
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