Restaurants to die for

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by saintstone, Oct 25, 2009.

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  1. saintstone

    saintstone LE

    This was asked to be moved to a relevant forum, so here goes :-

  2. Hobo-Ken

    Hobo-Ken LE

    Sounds good - will happily give it a try when next in the area.

    Key question is: where did the steak come from? Hopefully none of that UK / Euro / Scottish sh1te. If you want decent beef, come over here to Lat Am where they REALLY know what beef is all about. Brahman crossed with Aberdeen Angus, for the farmers among you.

    Oh, and I bought a full tank of petrol yesterday and got change fromn a dollar - not bad at around 1p a litre...

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  3. The_Snail

    The_Snail LE

    HK, trust me on this one. I scoffed double my body weight and it was ace. I have the postcode if you want it.

    Yours aye,

    Dale T, 3 stone heavier xxxxx
  4. TalaveraTom

    TalaveraTom LE

    The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe!
  5. ringdoby

    ringdoby LE

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  6. Does that mean you weigh 21lbs??
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  7. Fat_Cav

    Fat_Cav LE

    For those who are aficionado's for Fish and Seafood. I reccomend The Crab at Chieveley

    It's an unlikely setting for a fish restaurant, set just off the Ridgeway in West Berkshire near Newbury, but it's absolutely superb. It's not pretentious either although it does have high standards but they're not up-themselves about it.
    Also it's a B&B which looks OK, however I never stayed but I wished I had.

    The Crab at Chieveley Website


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  8. tropper66


    "Madam Fromage" Castle Arcade Cardiff, its a cheese shop and restaurant, a great place for a plate of mixed chesse and olives with a nice bottlle of red,

    "The North Star" North Road Cardiff a pub with very good Italian food and specials Menu 2-4-1 meals untill 6pm

    "0 degrees" Westgate street cardiff Real Ale brewary with piza to die for

    And my local "The Old Arcade with great beer and pubgrub
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  9. yater_spoon

    yater_spoon War Hero

    I visited Rancho's food was good. Could get a blue steak without signing a disclaimer!! Service was a bit slow but they were busy. I would recommend Myalacarte in Reading.
  10. Apparently Heston BloomingHec's ristorante The Plump Breasted Pigeon (or similar) 'is too die for' after poisoning c. 500 guests; sewage in the oysters I think - fine dining!
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  11. Holdfast

    Holdfast LE

    Here's one for those around the Cambridge area.

    The C0ck at Hemingford

    It's just won a national prize as well.
  12. PrinceAlbert


    Do they call you Bullet?
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  13. tropper66


    no they call me Jim just like everyone else
  14. Enigma266

    Enigma266 War Hero

    The French Horn just outside Pewsey. Run by a couple of Aussies. Menu includes wild boar, ostrich and kangaroo among the ususal suspects. A bit expensive but the steak is nice and rare and mahoosive!

    My favourite local place is The Boot at Shipton Bellinger. Amazing selection of food.

    Posh restaurants - Gordon Ramsays gaff at the top of the Hilton Hotel in Dubai. Think its called the Verve.
  15. PrinceAlbert