Rebutal on possible accusation of Walting!

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Coldstreamer82, Feb 20, 2010.

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  1. Even whilst proffering an apology you are still insisting on waffling and talking out of your hoop. You are B-O-R-I-N-G.
  2. Sangreal - so you dont loose a bet - avatar (childish as everyone will undoubtedly comment) says it all - spend it well!

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  3. Clearly not!
  4. Nope, sorry, I don't think so.

    I think your grasp of British (and I'll acknowledge that there are large differences between the Saxon-derived Common Law of England and Wales and the Roman-derived Code Law of Scotland) law is fundamentally deficient. Which is worrying in somebody who has declared that they are a JP.

    I've had a look at the SI you posted (2006/1878) and neither this, nor RIPA, abolish what you allege as "Freedom to communicate in private". These are subject to interference, under SoS Warrant, as they were before 1998. All RIPA did was bring a number of statutes together (I'll not get in to the regulation of CHIS or Part III here) and provide the by-then-necessary legal avenue for interception as a result of ECHR. Before then, it had been accepted as part of the Crown Prerogative as an technology-independent extension of the controlled but permitted interception of mail.

    You also seem to be confused between Criminal Law, Civil Law and Military Law - again worrying on the part of somebody who claims to be a JP. Military Law, taking the simplest first, make aspects of what is completely analogous to a corporate "Company Handbook" criminally actionably and places the military's internal discipline regime within the overall legal hierarchy. 'Civil Law' is nothing to do with 'the law as applies to civilians' - it is to do with the state's system for regulating conduct between its citizens, as opposed to the state regulating conduct it classes as criminal.

    I am getting quite worried about this. I clearly need to go and replenish the wine stocks.
  5. Ok to end this I stand corrected on all counts, an excuse of rapidly thinking answers to questions or issues raised is no defence in this case.

    Your definitions and descriptions of Military and Civil Law are indeed correct, as going by your style of writing I presume more than a passing familiarity with law.

    My defence is that, in a quick response, I was refering more to the eroding of Civil Liberties and rights of both UK and non-UK citizens, and that was irresponsibly used out of context alongside references to Civil Law.

    RIPA and SI yes are to be instigated by SoS, and yes would never question it's correct use for say terrorist prevention, etc. But if this is extended beyond its statutory confines, do we not get a big brother scenario which infringes civil liberty (not law)?

    If under RIPA such powers can be extended to and exercised by many public bodies, ranging from the Revenue and Customs to the Royal Mail Group. Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 and Regulation of Investigatory Powers (Communications Data) (Additional Functions and Amendment) Order 2006/1878

    Then, in-effect, God help us if used incorrectly or innapropriately!

    I do welcome the discussions as I did make a bad start to my postings on the site and indeed have probably p'sd a few people off.

    But these discussions on law, are detailed and perhaps for a discussion or post on such civil liberties, which in light of many infringements of such which had made national media, is a pertinent topic of discussion.
  6. These little threads are beginning to become tedious; for the hole?
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    I think it's fun watching him digging a bigger hole. :D
  8. 8O Damn he found my Latex Fetish Username Account details 8O 8O

    John Miller (IKMF)
  9. Hey Walter, I thought you were too busy to write any posts!!

    I bet you were sat at home wearing a babygrow and adult nappy when you typed this, waiting for one of your new male ACF recruits to come round and breast feed you.
  10. Gold.
  11. Never were the words... "Step away from the keyboard" more apt.

    Nice shed pic btw.
  12. Can't be bothered.