RAF Regiment... give me strength...

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by exXIX, Sep 16, 2006.

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  1. Anyway one day you will get over that huge chip on your shoulder, or maybe not...
  2. Funny, Spaz and Swamps... They're like piss and shit... Everyone has to do both but no-one wants to sleep with either.
  3. Do they put out?
  4. Take it with humour? I thought those were whines of self pity, obviously the definition of rib tickling fun in CrabWorld differs from the rest of humanities POV.
    As for my irrelevance, that, from a Crab on an Army website wittering on about how much better the RAF Reg is than the rest of the British Armed Forces think, is a bit much.
    But hey, the interweb is full of deluded throbbers such as the RAF Reg contingent on here so who am I to question your right to gob off.
    As for my Mother's letters they stopped arriving when I admitted that I'd looked at your gayer Regimental website on a cold winters night in search of reasoned discussion and debate and was confronted with Jaybees crayoning and Blindfires reminiscences of being guarded by the Army on the plains of West Germany.
    It is a cross I'll have to bear much like the shame you must have felt as you left Lympstone sans green lid.
    Carry on throbbing.
  5. Not sure that's entirely accurate!!!
  6. present for you tattybadger [​IMG]
  7. JB:

    Where did you get pictures of Tatty from? You could have considered his PerSec you know... 20 years an Inf. bod only to do a "Jan" and become a Baker walt...
  9. Thank you - I'm off to go and trap that wearing my crocs and a crab beret.
  10. Present for you Jaybee:

    Quick - off to the bog for a thrap.
  11. Oh dear Tatty... Enough of the pictures of Swamps in his trapping gear... You're making my eyes bleed... :cry:
  12. As you can see pitswamper as never really grown up he's still using the same pose.

  14. No it doesn't... it fell flat on it's face the moment you typed it... :p