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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Robbo1985, Apr 23, 2007.

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  1. Robbo1985

    Robbo1985 Swinger

    I bought a sword from Pooley Sword while at Sandhurst recently. Some of my colleagues paid a little more and purchased their swords from Sussex Swords and I must admit the quality from Sussex was far superior. I wish I had known before placing my order.
  2. orificecadet

    orificecadet War Hero

    I have a wilkinson at home and compared the quality of that to what was on offer at the tailors bazaar. Was not keen on pooley as swords had a moulded appearance, however some of the sussex offerings I have seen have been worse. The best sword I saw was made for the aeroplane blonde in our intake. Same pattern as mine but AAC engraved fairly certain she didn't get it from pooley, think it was from the derivative manufacturer from the imperial sword co. But hey, we're in a proffesion which allows us to carry swords as part of our job, and you're lucky enough to own your own.
  3. EX_STAB


    Pooley freely admit that their swords are made in India. Sussex Swords say they are "hand finished in the UK" which suggests they are forged eleswhere.

    Did Imperial Sword close down? Their director now seems to be at Sussex Sword.
  4. cynical_stab

    cynical_stab Old-Salt

    But then you are probably in the RLC, so will always go for the cheaper option, whether it be clothes, cars or women.
  5. BigRed

    BigRed War Hero


    If he was RLC then he would have simply demanded one through the system and spent the money saved on wine, women and song!

    Think you missed the point, Robbo was wishing he had went for the more expensive version if he had known the difference in quality.
  6. xinflurker

    xinflurker Old-Salt

    Robbo, do you work for Sussex Swords by any chance?
  7. Robbo1985

    Robbo1985 Swinger

    Perhaps I should ask them if I could be their PR Manager.