Mugabees newest racist law

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KyleH, Feb 13, 2010.

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  1. 2 points.

    What economic and social miracle occured in Rhodesia for the 6 months that he was PM?

    And, if such a miracle did occur, why was it so quickly snuffed out?

    As told to you by your unbiased Northern Ndebele MDC collegue.

    Now. Thanks (not) again for avoiding the real question. Are these rank and file ZANU supporters enjoying a better living standard under the leader Mugabe than they did under a Smith government?

    PS. Do you appreciate that the Ndebele are a people and ZANU is a political party? Your words are akin to saying that the LimpDem member enjoys a better standard of living than an Englishman. I'm not interested in a comparison to other Zimbabweans.
  2. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    If the gentleman really is a representative of the LibDems then I know where my vote is not going.
    Could he be an agent provacateur for an even more weird group ?

    As you so tellingly write "democracy" in inverted commas.

    Let's face it, the elections in Zimbabwe Rhodiesia were much more democratic than those in RSA over a decade later.
    But then that's not saying much.
  3. Your first point.
    Actually he is a white Zimbawean.

    Your second
    Do you mean those rank and file ZANU members had food in their bellies, then yes - in that sense they were better off. But not being able to vote? Not being able to stand for election? Not having the rights of other Rhodesians? I wouldn't want to live under those conditions and neither would you.

    As for the post script, you make it sound as though you didn't know that ZANU./ZAPU were split mostly along tribal lines. Given that you did and you wished not to openly accept that - I once again will not respond to any more of your posts for a while.
  4. My italics
    Because it would otherwise have been an option eh Cutaway?

  5. "I once again will not respond to any more of your posts for a while. "

    Only for a while? What a pity, a permanent break from your drivel and utter sh1te would be most welcome by many of us who come to this site.

    Its not a fair exchange being able to participate in rigged elections versus being able to put food on the table for your family. Democracy means very little when you are starving to death.
  6. So how many ordinary Zimbaweans want to go back to being second class citizens. Are they fighting (not literally) for that or to be able to vote who they want into government?
  7. Knobber.

    Seeing as you want to bring ZANU and ZAPU into it...that would be the Ripon branch of ZANU/ZAPU would it ? as you've not actually stepped foot in Africa.

    You are a contemptible little man. I bet you were the school sneak and dinner monitor .
  8. Whet the answer is NONE, and who said they were second class citizens prior to "democracy". Which page in your picture book of bigotry is that on?

    For all the faults of the Rhodesian system they were a prosperous country, with employers who provided not only jobs but accomodation and food for their employees. Democracy is a nice accessory if you have food on the table and a roof over your head, but currently the so called "democracy" provides neither food nor shelter, security, health, nor actually any democracy.

    Your blind bigoted approach to the atrocities commited by Mugabe explains lots to me about the current UK government's attitude to the cause of the Zimbabwean citizen.
  9. Knobber, you don't have a clue as to the reality do you.

    I've been in African countries and whilst sharing a beer with some of the elders they have said they wished the whiteman was back, but you wouldn't know that because you've never been there.
  10. What a bizarre answer.

    My first point was thus: What economic and social miracle occured in Rhodesia for the 6 months that he was PM?

    On the contrary. I choose to live where I have no voting rights, cannot stand for election and have a quite unequal status to local Serbian citizens. Frankly, it bothers me not.

    Why? Because it is more important to me to be able to feed and clothe myself, to afford a roof over my head and have a little pocket money for the nicer things in life than it is to traipse to the booth where an X is expected to be placed once every 4 years.

    Why is so important to you?

    Oh! I forgot, but now I've remembered who EXACTLY you are Whet!!!!

    Having the 'freedom' to earn a living wage is not high on your agenda is it? Making a contribution to society through ones labour, and receiving appropriate remuneration is not of daily concern to you is it?

    I think I know FAR more about sub-Saharan African peoples, politics and society than you EVER will. I had the pleasure of living it for a number of years.

    And, to consider you pityful attempt to discredit me, I suggest you consider the following: how long has ZAPU existed and how broad is its membership?

    Everytime you tap the keys in an attempt to portray yourself as wise and knowledgeable, all you do is end up making an even bigger t1t of yourself in public.
  11. Hint:
    Speech to RSA businessmen at Meikles Hotel, 14 June 1978
    C. G. MSIPA, ZAPU Secretary for Education

    Of course, you could claim WHet that he was just a typical floppie lieing through his teeth.

    Edited to add:
    PS. Still waiting for some sort of substance to support this uber-superficial claim by you:
  12. Just watched a programme on telly presented by Sue Lloyd-Roberts on the current situation (and the 51% law), which actually showed a pretty good representation of the society as I last saw it a few years ago now - the scary Wabenzi, the white guys making a plan in the face of huge odds, Mugabe's empty-eyed henchmen and the huge majority of poor bastards who have to put up with the crass stupidity. The law was actually mooted in 2006, when some of the country's larger external investors told the Ministries that if they tried it, they'd pull out, bas. That gave them some time, but it seems that Mugabe has taken a great deal of heart from the West's perception of what it sees as the positive aspects of conjoining with MDC, to the extent that he now thinks that he can get away with this law - and I suspect that for the lifetime of ZANU-PF, he can.

    When the prospect of the law was first mentioned, I asked one of the CIO big chiefs (a very creepy creature called 'Brown') what he thought the result would be in terms of the country's economy. I've had some poisonous looks in my time, but his was pure and deeply malevolent. The lecture I then got (over the prawns at Mamma Mia's) gave me little hope for the future of Zimbabwe in Mugabe's (or Mujuru's, come to that) lifetime.

  13. More classic whet bullshit and bollox… even as 2nd class citizens they'd be far better off than the 4th class citizens they are now.

    In case you hadn't noticed, being free to vote means precisely fvck all in a one party state.
  14. Both of my mother's cousins died in Bulawayo in 2009.

    If Mugabe dies there or elsewhere in 2010 then I shall be reasonably content
  15. And there wasn't much in the way of egalitarianism in the UK at that time either. And there still isn't... and never will be. It's fanciful leftie claptrap to believe otherwise. Any society has to have a pecking order - a class system. We are not all equal. There was no apartheid in Rhodesia, but there was a social pecking order, and it was one that worked - and most seemed happy with it. A black feller trying to gain access to a gentleman's club in Salisbury would have been treated exactly the same as some pikey trying to blag his way in to a similar establishment in Mayfair.

    Black Africa is rather like an unruly child from a single-parent family. Without the controlling influence of a male role model it rapidly goes to ratshit. And just like father figures, the quality of the controlling colonial governments varied - with the Belgians assuming the role of drunken, wife-beating bully. I like to think the British did a much better job of it.

    Now that Elvis has left the building, Black Africa is reverting to type. It's true that systems of government were imposed upon it that had taken many centuries to evolve in Europe, but I see it as a quantum leap in civilisation - an opportunity to leapfrog five hundred years of tribal feuds, war and strife. Unfortunately, Black Africa seems to like war and strife better than stability and peace. What would you rather have: food on the table, work and a safe society to live in... or chaos?

    The Marxist agenda of the Left has achieved absolutely nothing other than to successfully destroy established and workable systems and replace them with precisely that: chaos. They are nothing but hare-brained Utopian control freaks who would rather see a starving black child who is 'free', rather than a healthy one living under an organised and successful administration that just happens to be of an unfashionable hue. Idiots! They should never be allowed to govern ever again... anywhere - whatever their colour.