Most expensive kit youve ever broken

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ghost_us, Jan 22, 2010.

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  1. Sharkey Ward never let me fly in the back seat of his Harrier again after this (at least not when it was armed).

  2. on exercise in 06 we had this guy in our section who wanted to a Para and insisted on carrying his weapon without a sling 'because that's what paras did'

    climbing up the tailgate into a moving 4-ton truck in order to hitch a free lift back to Rollestone, he slips and upon sh*tting himself (with another tonner only metres behind!) grabs the rope and lets go of the weapon.

    wouldn't be so bad if the weapon landed in the middle and just required a short run to go fetch it. But no, it lay horizontal across the pretty deep rut that the tonners had their right-hand wheels in. literally went V shaped.

    also had a LR110 body go V-Shaped in the middle when a 12m mast went sideways onto it. The thin metal (before LRs took on the plastic 'tiffinus' bodies) didn't stand much chance against 3 high-tension guy ropes being set free, but the bloke sat in the wagon was completely unharmed as the mast went between him and the sets! even gained quite a heroic reputation as we stuck the mast back up, bent the bodywork back into shape and cracked on!
  3. Shoulda had his sling on :wink:

    No biggie but managed to fcuk up a pair of Bowman batteries :D
  4. In March 69 I put a landrover on its roof in a ditch,Veh BER,no big deal,case admonished on COs orders.Some months later i`m called into sqn office and told that the stream I crashed in fed a fish farm and the petrol and oil had killed the lot leaving the army with a fair old bill to pay.
  5. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Seen something similar happen, except the guy was already on the back of the 4 tonner when the rifle was dropped, landing in the mud of an oncoming truck. He leans out the back, frantically waving for the driver behind to stop, however, that driver, a thoroughly nice bloke, misinterpreted the gesture and waved back. Just as the rifle disappeared under the wheels into the squelching mud of salisbury plain. Its state upon recovery is best described as... unzeroed...
  6. You sure he wasn't REME? Heard a very similar story from my uncle back then.
  7. Pretty sure it was a guin. But I stand to be corrected.

    Another Rapier incident: A launcher pack was being lifted by a Coles crane at 22 Regt. Half way through the crane failed, tipped over, dropping the pack, flattened the surveillance radar, smashed the travelling locks and caused various other bits of damage. It could have been any of us but I'm damned glad it wasn't us!
  8. Mine isn't as bad as most on here, but I almost took the roof off a pantech by wedging it under the railway bridge outside Thepval Bks in Lisburn. I thought the MTO's head was going to explode!!!!!

    2 months later, I had a wee bump in another pantech in Palace Bks, Holywood, no damage to the truck, but the merc coach i hit didn't look too good!
  9. Almost forgot. I trashed a whole CP worth of BATES, but it was more wilful sabotage than neglectful 'breaking' - I hated the damn thing. Does that have to be a different thread? I've sabotaged quite a lot of stuff really.
  10. Somewhere over Catterick doing the whole para insert to fibua thing I responded to twists by forcing my head through the rigging lines and getting verily stuck. Whilst flapping about trying to release my container I managed to get rid of the jettison bit of the buckle and the whole thing went in.

    Binos, 349, prismatic, completely goosed, and an SLR perfectly adjusted to fire round left hand corners. "Sir, does this mean we'll be going right flanking?" - oh how I laughed.
  11. all the AVRE were brought back...and continued till out of service date a couple of years ago
  12. An FH70 whilst steaming along, sorry can't tell you the details. All the best, Headgash.
  13. For half an hour I could not find the key to a particular bit of secret signals kit.

    Visions of a court-martial and dismissal were foremost in my mind.

    Not a pleasant experience.
  14. I know a commander who smashed a VUDT (or whatever those BOWMAN screens are called) in Iraq in rage once, had to claim he accidentally put his foot through it when climbing out the vehicle hatch. I'm sure someone said it cost like 10 grand or something stupid. That was probably the unit cost though, sure the repair wasn't so much.

    And another one who head-butted the sat phone when it cut out on him talking to his missus and smashed the screen also. 'Yeah, I dropped it."
  15. Bog off, stop getting in the way of a good giggle!