Morris Dancers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Howler, Feb 22, 2010.

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  1. Monty417

    Monty417 LE

    Or Police Crowd Control officers. (was he a Newspaper seller?) :D
  2. Grey_Mafia65

    Grey_Mafia65 LE

    My mate's husband is a morris dancer, I'll ask her!
  3. Monty417

    Monty417 LE

    Mention the sticks also. :p
  4. Punch

    Punch LE

    Monty417 - I don't think they call them "sticks", the Morris Men are much more technical than that. I imagine in fact that all their accoutrements have special names!
    By the way have you ever found yourself in the way of a troupe of female clog dancers; they have some fearsome ones at Stoney Stratford (MK) for example. I think they might be World Champions. You move aside for them!
    And be careful Grey-Mafia when you ask about the bells - it could be sexual harrassment!
  5. JoeCivvie

    JoeCivvie LE

    There's a joke about a blind football team who play with a ball with a bell in it.

    The punchline is they kick the shit out of a Morris Dancer in the pub car park.
  6. eodmatt

    eodmatt LE

    Only the bell end, I am led to believe.