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Military Anagrams

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by PK, Jan 14, 2004.

  1. PK

    PK Clanker

    British Army --> Mr Hairy Bits
    Royal Air Force --> Cool Rear Fairy
    Royal Marine Commando --> Moody Animal Romancer
    Royal Corps of Signals --> Classy Porno Log Fairs

    Any one found any others???
  2. BFG 9000

    BFG 9000 Clanker

    nobbled tin = Blonde Bint
  3. Macks

    Macks Clanker

    Ah... It all makes sense now!
  4. one_flew_over


    Complete Tw#t - Geoff Hoon
  5. Climber

    Climber Swinger

    army rumour service= I re-arm our very scum
    Au-revoir merry scum!

    Prime Minister Tony Blair
    Slimier rent-boy in armpit
  6. TheLordFlasheart

    TheLordFlasheart Crow

    Army Air Corps=Sorry Im crap.
  7. Export

    Export Swinger

    Australian Navy = A Lusty Nirvana
    Australian Army = Marinara, ya slut (Upset pasta fan?)
    Special Air Service = Civies Arse Replica
    Paratroop Regiment = A Trooping Tamperer
    Australian Air Force = (okay it doesnt make sense but I thought it was funny :p ) A FAECAL URINATOR SIR (otherwise known as a toilet?)

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