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Memories of Germany

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bowser-Mong, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. Bowser-Mong

    Bowser-Mong Crow

    Following on from the news that the Toffs sorry Tories want to pull the plug on Germany what are your favourite no halds barred memories of the Fatherland? Be it 10mark alley, porn shops, LOA, yellow handbags, fags and booze bought cheaply there but sold on for a tidy profit over here, Snow Queen. Whatever it is share it.
  2. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave Clanker Good Egg (charities)

    Cattle class train parties wahay a day on the piss on a train paid for :lol:
  3. Legs

    Legs Clanker Book Reviewer Supporter - GCM
    1. ARRSE Camping and Caravanning Club

    My fabulous and expensive car, that I bought for very little.
  4. purplegunner

    purplegunner Clanker

    Snowqueen....Yes... excellent cheap skiing holiday.
  5. eodmatt

    eodmatt Clanker Supporter - GCM

    My most enduring memory of Germany is that most of the birds there wore boring white knickers (except for the chief range officers secretary at Sennelager who was a bit exotic for a German).
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  6. Spank-it

    Spank-it Clanker

    And where the fcuk is Ausfahrt - I never did find the frickin place.

  7. Gren

    Gren Clanker

    Mmmmmm white knickers :)
  8. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge Clanker Book Reviewer

    1)Glueweihn and a Schuss in the Marien Platz, Munich, with a Wurstel in a bun at 09:00(ish).
    2) Beate Uhse's w*nk cabins.
    3) Berlin - 'nuff said.
    4) Sabine and Sonja... except when Sonja's son crept into the bed when I was on the job at 05:30. Little fella fell asleep while I continued doing his Mum.
    5) Weissbier.

    Bad memory... that fecking Scots Guards RSM at Sennelager.... and hangovers.

    6) ... and finally, Sabine's old man chasing me round Dortmund after she admitted hiding the salami with me. Happy days.
  9. cunny_funt

    cunny_funt Clanker

    Dirty Gertie in Wertach.

    She would take on 10 blokes at a time! 8O
  10. exbleep

    exbleep Clanker

    No it's not. It's near Celle. I've seen the signs.
  11. vvaannmmaann

    vvaannmmaann Clanker Supporter - GCM

    It's like that Rocade place in France.
  12. Detmold_Drunk

    Detmold_Drunk Clanker

    I wish I could remember
  13. brummieboy1

    brummieboy1 Clanker

    And why are there so many streets named Einbahn Strasse?
  14. vvaannmmaann

    vvaannmmaann Clanker Supporter - GCM

    Cue the old joke about the scallies who went to see a footy match in Germany................
  15. Ancient_Mariner

    Ancient_Mariner Clanker

    Discovering Apfelkorn and thinking it was a soft drink.

    Passing out at a cocktail party due to Apfelkorn and being carried out, semi-conscious.

    Waking up in a strange bunk with hellish Apfelkorn hangover.

    Sh1tting myself on realising I had been carried back to the wrong ship and praying to god almighty that we weren't at sea and that the Soviet Baltic fleet hadn't kidnapped me after knocking me out with Apfelkorn.

    RAF VC10 from Hamburg back to Brize Norton. Much swearing from cabin crew and they broke all my bottles of duty free Apfelkorn.

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