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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tuffy52, Apr 24, 2012.

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  1. tuffy52

    tuffy52 LE

    James Murdoch giving evidence today at The Levison Inquiry....

    Answers so far are

    I don't recall,,,,,

    I don't recall,,,,,

    I don't recall,,,,,

    I don't recall,,,,,

    I don't recall,,,,,

    I don't recall,,,,,

    I don't recall,,,,,

    I don't recall,,,,,

    Terminal memory loss,this guy is going down eventually (I hope).....
  2. PrinceAlbert


    Maybe he doesn't remember?
  3. Boumer

    Boumer LE

    I genuinely don't know, but does he have to say anything?

    I mean he might be the cack even more if he just wrote a statement and then said nothing, is he under compulsion to say anything?
  4. Under oath, but not under caution when 'It may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned..."-So any 'porkies' told to Leveson would become perjury- Which would certainly get him cautioned!
    Probably best to contract Saunders' Disease (Reversible Alzheimer's) for the duration.
  5. Pyianno

    Pyianno LE

    Him, Jack Straw, Tony Blair and Margaret Beckett must have all been drinking from the same watering hole lately.
  6. sunnoficarus

    sunnoficarus LE

    Watching Harperson and Prescott blabbing on about integrity and how ministers should resign this morning was comedy gold.

    Mr Pot? Meet Mr and Mrs Kettle!
  7. PBUH


    90% of Politicians are hypcrites. Watching Jeremy Hunt is much more fun though. And Cameron is far too close to the action to escape being smared with teh shitty stick.

    I said at the time that when Vince Cable mouthed off and got shunted Cameron was playing a dangerous game and it would seem as if he was putting his own man in to make sure the deal went through. Hunt should be in control of his advisor. If any of this is true then he has to go. But he wont be the last
  8. nogbad

    nogbad Old-Salt

    To quote Bart Simpson - "I didn't do it, nobody saw me and you can't prove it".
  9. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Ah they can, they have the emails. His Dad should be fun.
  10. PBUH


    Hunt's advisor has resigned. Hunt to speak to Commons at 12:30

    Suspect advisor going is not enough. Hunt ahould know what he is up to
  11. Bravo2nothing

    Bravo2nothing LE

    I'm expecting that Murdoch Sr will put the boot in today. Dave should be worrying as it's my opinion that the Murdoch's will not role over and take a kicking for him. Prime Minister's come and go, Newscorp is far too valuable to worry about an ambitious Tory.
  12. Pyianno

    Pyianno LE

  13. Blogg

    Blogg LE

  14. plunderer

    plunderer LE

  15. It is, or can be, a remarkably effective defence.

    I have to say though that all in all I really couldn't give a flying feck if anyone goes down over this or they all get a packet of sweeties and told to forget about it.

    It's the media doing what the media do and very largely what their paying public pay for... Getting the scandal first, by any means necessary. If during a wee hack they'd uncovered an "Al Q" cell they'd be queuing up for medals and glowing biographies. Dead schoolgirls & business rivals? Not so much.

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