Knook camp , salisbury plains

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by semper, Dec 3, 2004.

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  1. semper

    semper LE

    has anybody been there ? if so can you tell me what the place is like ?
    good , shoite, food, natives, training area etc
  2. army_of_1

    army_of_1 Old-Salt

    Don't touch anything - it'll fall to pieces. Don't breathe too heavily in the billets - same reason.
  3. Purple_Emperor

    Purple_Emperor War Hero

    Knook is horrendous. Spent some time there before going off to the sandpit last year. Typical army training, shooting in a snowstorm prior to going to the desert.

    No mobile phone coverage except by standing in the middle of the road and standing on tiptoe. And a nice bracing walk from the accomodation blocks to the ablutions of a morning.

    Mind you, theres a very nice country pub in the village just over the hill. Called 'the Angel' I think. Turns out cracking food - a relief from the foul stuff that the strange inbred kitchen staff turn out.
  4. polar

    polar LE

    Remember last time I went the local 'talent' was prowling outside the gates within a couple of hours


    semper, its just a transit camp used for pre ops training and exercises. Accomodation is billets. If your gated, prey the NAAFI staff are on-site, otherwise prepare to-be-BORED!!
  6. Henry_Tombs

    Henry_Tombs LE

    Thats right, their sent over from Porton Down to test the more virulent forms of clap! :D
  7. Speedy

    Speedy LE

    I did some Boz traing there some time ago. The civvy contract chefs put out cooking margerine for the bread which was 100% fat and coated your mouth. The place is in the middle of nowhere and pretty crap.
    It has the kind of atmosphere which makes you want to deploy just to improve your lot.
  8. semper

    semper LE

    doesn't sound too promising ............. :?
  9. cdo_gunner

    cdo_gunner LE

    That reminds me.

    Are there any camps which still have wartime wriggly tin huts, concrete floors and the only heating is from a wood\coal stove in the middle of the floor?

    Bracing stuff in the middle of january.
  10. HGVTOO


    Yeah, Knook Camp :D
  11. Pompey_Jock

    Pompey_Jock War Hero

    It's been a few years now so things might have improved...... but there were two that I went to

    Cultybraggan - by Crieff, in Perthsire

    and then also Drip Camp, by Cambusbarron near Striling.

    Imagine both have probably been either closed or updated since then. Barry Buddon -that windswept desolation - also used to be like this, but they got that new swanky accommodation block quite a few years back.

    [Am just showing my age now!]
  12. Trotsky

    Trotsky LE

    Try also Nesscliffe in shropshire for the authentic "kitcheners army" accomodation experience

    Trotsky.... :wink:
  13. Dr_Evil

    Dr_Evil LE

    Time spent on Google is never wasted, dear boy:

    Big, clear photo of the Knook, plus some description:

    Bad photo and a bit of history on the place (Siegfried Sassoon lived near it. WHY???):

    Aerial photo:

    Accounts of local UFO activity:

    Knook Camp was used as the location for "Bad Lads' Army", which should give you a flavour of what the place is like.
  14. Part_Timer

    Part_Timer Old-Salt

    Jesus the place hasn't changed since I went there in 1991.
  15. adir

    adir Old-Salt

    Knook Camp - some points that I remember about the place.

    The huts are made out of asbestos (and probably due to the prohibitive cost of asbestos removal they have not been changed by the MoD).

    The NAAFI is an extremely sad facility there.

    It was extremely hard to get an Orange network signal in the place.

    The shower block is not attached to any accomodation so wrap up warm when you trot backwards and forwards to it in the winter.

    They did have some good drying rooms though on camp.

    Nice pub in the next village along (I forget the name).