IRA supporters disrupt Armed Forces Day Parade in Glasgow

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by EgyptianPTInstructor, Jun 27, 2009.

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  1. jockaneese

    jockaneese Swinger

    Biscuits... when i signed the dotted line i became an ambassador for my country.
    serving my country in the feculant sphincters of the planet for 6-8 months at a time gives me the right to speak on behalf of my kinsmen.
    I understand your consern, but it's all about tolerance (or not) as the case may be.
    jihadists are not tolerated,
    this shite is.
    that is why i'm appologetic for my country.
  2. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Thirteen people are to appear in court following protests which caused disruption at an Armed Forces Day parade in Glasgow.

    Police have confirmed that one woman and 12 men were arrested and charged after trouble flared at Saturday's event in George Square.

    It is understood the protests began after an Irish Republican group started chanting during the service.

    Strathclyde Police said those arrested would appear in court in Monday.
  3. jock788

    jock788 Swinger

    As a boy, the local copper, PC Murdoch (no shite, his real name, not an "Oor Wullie" one.): was a big Highland man and his greatest threat was...
    "I ken ye! Ah'll be speaking ta yer Faither!" and this was no idle threat...

    Ah! gone are the days when the Polis had respect of the community, when even a single word of adomishment from a lowely PC could quell a rowedy crowd.
  4. Sparky2339

    Sparky2339 LE

    That used to strike the fear of God into me. I'd still go home for my tea that day, I knew it'd be my last meal.

    But once my grandfather went to the pub (where he'd meet PC Doom) the clock was ticking.

    Oh the kickings I had. Not for being bad per se, but because my grandad had to buy a round.
  5. Biscuits_AB


    You became an ambassador for Scotland? Really? What dotted line are you talking about? Do you hold some sort of authority in Scotland or are you implying that your military contract has some bearing upon this?

    No part of the post above answers the question of gives you the right be embarrassed for an entire country. The post above is merely an attempt to recover from having made an utter tw*t of yourself.

    You may feel that you have the right to speak on the behalf of your 'kinsmen' (I think you meant 'countrymen') but f*ck all does. To declare that you are embarrassed for a nation is nothing short of dellusionary f*cking claptrap.
  6. Wonk_Mog

    Wonk_Mog LE

    Kick the fukcin fenian bastards all the way back to the pope
  7. Rudie

    Rudie LE

    It's a bit like when the Rangers fans tore up Manchester last year,there was a few Scots on here apologising and claiming to be ashamed to be Scottish. Why? English hooligans have been tearing up city centres all over Europe for f ucking years,if there was a world cup for throwing white plastic chairs through bar windows they would surely be the out right winners.
    Glasgow and the West has always been a hot bed of sectarianism,that's just the way it is. No point in being apologetic on behalf of the nation - f uck 'em.
    You don't hear English people apologising for the Muslims demonstrating against The Royal Anglians,do you?
  8. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Where was Peter Dow when his country needed him?

    I think we should be told why this modern day Arthurian hero was absent in our hour of need.
  9. Biscuits_AB


    He was probably too embarrassed by the fauning of a few 'we are so embarrassed for our Nation' tubes like those being rightfully pilloried in this thread. Pair of ringpieces.
  10. Milesy

    Milesy Old-Salt

    Hoi. Less of that please.
  11. bohs_man

    bohs_man War Hero

    In another thread he claimed he was'nt a bigot :roll:
  12. watp1872


    I was there and was next to Jim Murphy, Scottish secretary, who claimed he was getting verbal abuse for being a catholic.

    I was right next to where he was being interviewed and I never heard one bit of abuse directed towards him.
    If there was, I am sure the BBC/STV would have shown it.

    I was taking pictures at the square
    so you can see I was in the vicinity of the interview.
    Jim Murphy spoke lies and that is what Glasgow people put up with. Irish/catholic propoganda.

    Glasgow people whatever way you wish to describe them decided enough was enough on Saturday.

    These cretins were spoiling a day for veterans and there argument should not be with the men and women who helped give them their freedom they enjoy today.

    If they wish to protest, go to the government, not our heroes.

    It may be wrong in others eyes, but I was so happy to see the hordes of people chase these scum away and caught a few. Contrary to local reports, more than one got injured.
  13. CavalryCaptain

    CavalryCaptain Old-Salt

    Anyone know what happened in the court today, for those appearing?

    Hope they had the book thrown at them (encyclopedia britannica that is)
  14. afcass

    afcass Old-Salt

    I think it was twelve bailed, one remanded, as he was carrying a knife.
    All named and shamed, I'll try and find a link.
  15. The_Laird

    The_Laird Swinger

    No doubt the self same 'anti-british' cnuts as in Luton who are put on a pedestal by the Police, who are allowed to verbally abuse our own and then who cue up nice and neat on Giro day to collect 'OUR' money for fcuk all! Its why I don't believe either set of these sorts has any credibility at all. The only difference IMO (apart from accent / colour perhaps) between the two sets of tw*ts is that the IRA supporters Giro money likely lasts minutes before vanishing in a 'White Lightening' haze. Whilst the Luton troublemakers money goes on the 15 kids they each have as we tax-payers have to bankroll them :roll: :roll: :roll:

    If either had the remotest sense of honour, they'd fcuk off and live either down South NI or in flip flopsville. Cnuts!