Information on JSSU Cyprus

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by tommonum1, Oct 7, 2009.

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  1. tommonum1


    I am posted to JSSU Cyprus as a PTI and would be grateful for any information anyone would be able to give me.
  2. heidtheba

    heidtheba LE

    Its quite warm out there.......... :wink:
  3. once_a_maverick

    once_a_maverick War Hero

    Despite the aforementioned heat there are also a lot of people in the unit that could do with some one on one from a PTI
  4. heidtheba

    heidtheba LE

    Seconded o_a_m. However, some are only 'invited' to attend PT.

    Anyone guess who :?
  5. Bollock-chops

    Bollock-chops LE

  6. Do they still do those ridiculously long hours of 0700-1630 on Mondays and 0700-1330 the rest of the week. Those were hard times!! ;)
  7. heidtheba

    heidtheba LE

    Yes they do mate :wink:

    B-C, I was on over a grand a month, since they joined the Euro, prices went through the roof!
  8. woodandy3

    woodandy3 War Hero

    well you lot had it hard!! we did 0700 til 1200 not forgetting naafi break 1030-1100!

    bloody hard posting that was lol!! happy days! :)
  9. tommonum1


    well cheers for that useful information.
  10. heidtheba

    heidtheba LE

    If you actually click on the link provided by b-c, there is :roll:
  11. martin7606

    martin7606 Old-Salt

    The phys facilities there are good, pool is okay too. Not far from the Troodos Mountains for adventure training or some gentle hill work. Running routes are well establshed and varied. Other than that, social life is fine, and you get all the obvious advantages of being based in Cyprus. The catering was also very good when I was there, can't remember what the Naffi complex was called, but they did great milkshakes!
  12. wayner1970

    wayner1970 Old-Salt

    Get yourself up to the UN in Nicosia for a couple of years. Mission Subsistance Allowance is 2300 euros a month, plus your normal wages. Didn't know what to do with the extra dosh........................................................................................
  13. Bollock-chops

    Bollock-chops LE

    Cheers Wayner, our holiday was celebrating 20 years as a couple, I was with 254 in 89, mrs came out on holiday for a fortnight, I booked 3 weeks leave, missed all the womans peace marches and extra duties that went with it.
  14. mungeous

    mungeous Old-Salt

    I was there on a recce earlier on in the year. Eating out was horrifically expensive (parent unit GPC squared that away though).
    LOA (?) covers it if you live there but it will sting when your family use your pad as a holiday home 3 times a year.
  15. buryfc66

    buryfc66 War Hero

    I'm on £1490 per month LOA it's chuffing awesome.
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