indulgence flights

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by desmond, Aug 5, 2010.

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  1. desmond

    desmond War Hero

    anyone got a clue what they cost and what is the criteria is these days
  2. Filbert Fox

    Filbert Fox LE

    cost is dependant on where you want to go I believe.
  3. box-of-frogs

    box-of-frogs LE

    Was approx £65 each way to the Falklands last year for Mrs BoF. Not sure of criteria for flights barring, if you're married then your spouse can fly to the FI during your tour. They are obviously lowest priority on there but was never a drama.
  4. Ops_Offr

    Ops_Offr Old-Salt

    Thnk Cyprus was about £30 a couple of years ago. Just don't try to book around school holiday times.
  5. phibeck

    phibeck Old-Salt

    Who is eligible for indulgence flights? Is it just spouses? What about parents visiting serving children?
  6. gobenn

    gobenn Swinger

    1977 it was £18 to fly my missus out to Belize and back.Best holiday she ever had!
  7. Filbert Fox

    Filbert Fox LE

    soldiers can indulge, dependants can indulge, but you have to have the return flight fare for a civvie flight, just in case there are no seats on the flight home.
  8. desmond

    desmond War Hero

    what to that stinky place
  9. geordie342


    Slightly on a tangent. Does anyone know anything about the process and some possible contact numbers for indulging a car to RAF Akrotiri from Lyneham. I know this is possible but not sure of the paperwork process and have no contact details for Lyneham.

  10. Jorrocks

    Jorrocks War Hero

    In my experience, the RAF use the following criteria - all RAF work dodgers, their families and mates get priority over everyone else.
  11. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    It's over 30 years ago, but in mmm 1978 (1979?) my Mum indulged to Gutersloh for a tenner.
  12. cloudbuster


    Harsh, perhaps.

    But not unfair, IMHO.
  13. The_IRON

    The_IRON LE

    I have known some families to turn up to check in and wait to see if any available seats and managed to get on last....but obviously a risk. Also seen passengers who had booked as indulgence to be left waiting at the airport because they lost there seats at the last minute, as FF says that passengers have to have funds to get them back or cater for any eventualities. I went to the FI 9 years ago and we were diverted to Montevideo and was put up in the Marriot hotel there for three days ( all Bennys and Indulence passengers had to fund the hotels themselves)

    Your best bet is to look at RAF Brize Norton site

    Enquiries about indulgence flights for service personnel and their families should also be directed to the Defence Passenger Reservation Centre.

    Defence Passenger Reservation Centre - Telephone 0306 7894800

    or if on mil phone Brize on 954616050
  14. Travelgall

    Travelgall LE Reviewer

    Resurecting this from the dead. I assume the usual spots are Cyprus, Deutschland, Gib, Falklands, Assension and Kenya. Rumint is that there are tickets available to Washington DC too? Anybody have a list of what is available?
  15. jim30

    jim30 LE

    No tickets to washington - that is all commercial air now.