IDF alarm / all clear sounds

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by MAD_FERRET, Sep 9, 2008.

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    MAD_FERRET War Hero


    Its late in the day l know but does anyone have an audio file with the uk IDF alarm, and the All clear alarm that we all love so much on Tour?

    I had one that l was going to use tommorow on our TELIC cascade training, only its decided to have a Heather Mills moment and go mental on me!!

    Pm if you can assist!!

    Regards in advance
  2. box-of-frogs

    box-of-frogs LE

  3. Chris_2oo6

    Chris_2oo6 LE

    lol ill remember that dodgy american accent all clear, for a long time

    same go's for the incoming alarm lol
  4. Really grateful if you could fwd any links or mp3 to me as I've been after a 'copy' of that for ages!

  5. cuckingfunt

    cuckingfunt LE

    Yes, it's 'awfully funny' when people use the IDF alarm as a ring tone!
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  6. sid101

    sid101 Clanker

    Aha, well idk why, but i fancy having a copy of it for a video im currently editing together.
  7. Call it fond memories of being face down on a variety of floors / surfaces.

    But does anyone have it in MP3???
  8. thegimp

    thegimp LE

    I've got it with the bangs and plenty of swearing, on video though:)
  9. MuzzleMonkey


    Those sounds still make me a little jumpy
  10. FiveAlpha


    Do they really? ROFL. LOL etc, etc fucking etc
  11. defender

    defender War Hero

    What is funny is when it is put on your mp3 player, it then starts to play when you are on the running machine, you hit the floor to look up and find everyone else still training.
  12. WhiteHorse

    WhiteHorse LE

    Or the opposite, listening to Snow Patrol, look around and everyone on the floor waving at me to get down. :evil:
  13. easy-wan-kenobi

    easy-wan-kenobi War Hero

    Anyone have the Idf alarm in mp3 format? The original recording preferred, not the grainy YouTube one.

    Cheers in advance
  14. blueskygeek


    PM me your email address and I can send you 3 x mp3 files that I received off the RA guys at Bastion, I have the complete set for PDT training.

    1. IDF Alarm
    2. Nato All Clear
    3. IDF - Test Alarm Complete

    Total of 7Mb for your enjoyment
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