HRH Prince Charles in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by singha61, Mar 25, 2010.

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  1. dropshortjock

    dropshortjock LE

    In his report, Nitcholas Witchell managed to get in a chippy aside about HRH "wanting to be seen to be there". No, IMHO he went because he genuinely cares. I don't think it would make the slightest bit of difference to him if it were to go unreported. Spot the difference between the stage-managed meetings between the servicemen and politicians and the servicemen meeting Prince Charles.

    Then again, Witchell was described by Prince Charles as "that bl00dy man", so there is possibly no love lost!
  2. bobthedog

    bobthedog LE

    Witchell can't be more wrong, this is the 4th attempt in the past 2 years for him to get there, he had to cancel last year due to the Afghan elections. I think he wanted to see for himself the situation there, and as a father who has had his son serving there was all too keen to get there to gain first hand knowledge of the challenges faced by the troops serving there.
  3. Cuddles

    Cuddles LE

    Why that is treasonous! The people's princess would be spinning in her grave to hear you talk like that about the cruel inhuman brute who ruined her young life and his vile manipulative henchwoman. Just you wait until that Piers Morgan catches up with you.
  4. Exwing

    Exwing Old-Salt

    it's a shame we don't have a presidential system, as HRH could go for it!

    Would people's opinions by different if a politician had served in the armed forces? I remember Paddy Ashdown having a lot of respect.
  5. tropper66


    Saw him walking his dogs near Myddfai last summer, his house is near there Llynnwormwood, I was walking my dogs in the Woods and he was there with another bloke who I presume was his plod bodyguard or farm manager
  6. bullet_catcher

    bullet_catcher LE

    Have the press altered their view of Prince Charles? None of the photos of the trip make him look less than sane, indeed he looks quite normal.
  7. Unsworth

    Unsworth LE

    And at least he knows how to get his kit on. Brown, by contrast, looked as if he'd slept in his - and probably had.
  8. ex_colonial

    ex_colonial LE

    You've hit the nail on the head there "DavidBOC", unlike our corrupt lying politicians, HRH really does "serve the country" and as you can see from the responses on this thread has our total respect!! :salut:
  9. 263A

    263A War Hero

    Fair play to the lad,I noticed he was wearing some wing's(right shoulder)is/was he in the Para's then?
  10. Bugsy


    Your man Chas earned those fair and square and also the driver's wings on his left tit.

  11. fozzy


    It's not too late to apply to come back into the fold you know :)

    Seriously, Chas looked at home. Good on him.
  12. 263A

    263A War Hero

    Christ 8O so he done P Coy 2 ballon,single,sym's and a night drop,bloody fair play to him he earned them fair and square,respect :salut:
  13. kieranhw100

    kieranhw100 Swinger

    Fair play to HRH, good effort. As mentioned by others previously he actually went to Afghanistan because HE wanted to, not through any hidden agenda.

    Just out of interest has HRH actually done P Company? I was told that he hadn't but does anyone know for sure if he has or he hasn't.

    sorry for the mini hijack.
  14. armr617

    armr617 War Hero

    I seem to recall a thread about that, IIRC he did jumps, but not P coy
    Its always good to see Royals on visits, much preferred to lying scumbag politicians who arent fit to wash squaddy underwear!

    I heard rumour that there is always a royal or representative at repatriations??
  15. StickyEnd

    StickyEnd LE

    I don't think that he did P coy. Just the jumps required to wear the badge. I think that he did it because he is the Regimental Col. As 1st in-line to the throne, I doubt that he would be allowed to do the whole thing. That is what I think, it is not fact.

    Fair play to him though, he does seem to actually care about the troops and looks comfortable around them.

    The obverse is also true, The troops seemed much happier in his company than a politicians.
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