Hooped Earrings-Mark of Chav Scum

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Needle_Point, Feb 22, 2012.

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  1. Needle_Point

    Needle_Point War Hero

    Before I become a total cnut and derail one of the best threads on the arrse;


    Hoopy Earrings.

    Worn by chav women.

    Who can disagree?

    The sort that hang around town centres screeching, drunk on bitch piss and who just won't clear off or shut up when told to. They've nothing to say and saying it far too loud.

    I don't care how tight their snatch is or how hot their body is, you wear hoopy earrings and you're one gregs pasty away from this lot.

    Fire up the outrage bus, preferably the one with the exhaust pipe that goes back up into the passenger compartment.

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  2. DeltaDog

    DeltaDog LE

    Depends whether you're after quality or quantity. It's a well known fact that size of a girl's hoop earrings can be directly linked to how much of a slag she is.
  3. The_Seagull

    The_Seagull LE

    After over 8 years as a copper in Newport (the chav capitol of Wales) I have to agree with the OP.

    Hooped earrings are the mark of the chav harridan, the bigger the hoop, the bigger the chav.
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  4. goatrutar


    The last pic looked like a bloke.
  5. BlackStonePanda

    BlackStonePanda Old-Salt

  6. cernunnos

    cernunnos LE

    You may be onto something there....zzzz.....zzzz....zzzz....zzz


    Uncanny...that likeness!
  7. Mr_Snakey

    Mr_Snakey LE

    I disagree. Girls in big hoopy earrings make me hard.

    The best thing about shagging chavvy birds is that you don't have to explain or apologise, or buy them flowers or jewellery. A bag of chips is often enough.
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  8. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    What's wrong with them, gives you something to hold onto to!
  9. cernunnos

    cernunnos LE

    Yes, you're right, but you are suposed to be related to them first....

  10. The top 3 pictures of this thread I would....... anal dry, then straight in thier gob with a big lump of their poo on the end of my knob - just thier style..
  11. Fireplace

    Fireplace LE

    I was told those hoop earrings give 'em something to anchor their ankles to while being shagged.
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  12. vvaannmmaann

    vvaannmmaann LE

    Mrs Tindall might have a differing opinion.

  13. cent05zr70

    cent05zr70 LE

    Not as good as a cooness with a gurt bone through her hooter. Ride it like a bike. Yeehaw.
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  14. goatrutar


    If you bang gins your cock will rot off.
  15. Woofer829

    Woofer829 War Hero

    If that's the case they wouldd wear them around their necks in Nottingham.
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