Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CAARPS, Apr 9, 2012.

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    Glad she is getting on with her life in dignified silence and not courting the press at every turn ^~

    and I put it in here to allow the "comment" that will inevitably follow
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  2. donmac

    donmac LE

    Why's he wearing a flat cap in uniform?
  3. Needle_Point

    Needle_Point War Hero

    Couple of kids to look after, if "Hello" are thick enough to pay for her to mutter a few lines and stand still. Why shouldn't she take some cash to provide for them and their future?

    Not like she's posing in playboy is it?
  4. old_n_fat

    old_n_fat LE

    Struggling to see an issue, somebody care to point out what the problem is?
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  5. Give her time.


    No issue, just another of a long line of women who are famous for their husbands deeds appearing in a glossy mag ^~
  7. toffeewrapper1

    toffeewrapper1 LE

    Won't load on my phone,who is it and what's the story?
  8. BromideBollocks

    BromideBollocks Swinger

    Dissapointing article, no mention if she takes it up the ricker.
  9. Good luck to her (and him).
  10. Bushmills

    Bushmills LE

    Don't see any problem with this.

    Good luck to her!
  11. guzzijon

    guzzijon LE

    Yeah, if he'd shaped his beret in a more conventional manner he might still be alive today. You bellend.
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  12. crimsonhussar

    crimsonhussar LE

    Widow finds new bloke.........................WOW!

    I think the OP expected some kind of outrage, if she hadn't gone public the press would have found out at some point and printed a less than nice story anyway. Good luck to the girl i say and i hope it all works out well for the pair of them.
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  13. rgjbloke

    rgjbloke LE

    I'm sure her late husband wouldn't want her to be grief stricken for ever. Good luck to her!
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  14. Pigshyt_Freeman

    Pigshyt_Freeman LE

    Yes, how dare she? She should sew her clunge nine-tenths shut, just allowing a bit of space to insert poppies in every morning. In between that and spending her days keening and weeping over her late husband's grave, we might be able to argue that it was OK to spare her from his pyre.
  15. Bushmills

    Bushmills LE

    Are you fit to lace the man's boots?
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