Get a Hair Cut you idle thing you!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BuggerAll, Jun 25, 2009.

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  1. Where is the picture of that para with the moustache and hair that the lion from Oz would be proud of.
  2. Its just the yanks trying to show their better than us. The silly buggers really don't know. Maybe when they get a bit of time under their belt as a nation and realise there is a time and a place for all things then they will be allowed to play properly.
  3. Bit-chy little cnut arent you?

    How about provide the name of the supposed American officer who made this complaint? I'll wait and memorize the phone book while you come up with that name.....

    Or suddenly Journalists dont invent quotes? I hadnt realized the Sun was so highly regarded as a paragon of truth among squaddies.
  4. "Get a hair cut you idle cnut you!!" etc the title of this thread.

    Hmmm, might have a point right enuff.

    if only the fuzzy wuzzy's had had a barber.


    Grammer Nazi's can fark off - wuzzy's was a deliber... oh why bother.

    Go forth and plu'... yawn.....

  5. Haven't got a clue who he was. My info didn't come from the Sun (Its a shit paper and disgusts me).

    I was on Telic 13 when US forces took over the COB. The complaint filtered down through the O Groups.

    As said, this is me being anti American, I thought the Navy and USAF guys were bob on. I think the personnel who represented the US Army on the COB at the time were, generally, a bunch of arseholes (as quoted by the USN and USAF guys). They were also pretty unprofessional on a number of occasions, and this included the CSM who is a COCK.
  6. Interestingly one of the comments from the US following crusader was that Brit troops would not put on helmets unless they had to. I seem to remember a similar comment by a Brit officer when passing through US lines in Italy and being stopped by an MP who gave him a ticket for not having a tin bin on.
  7. Exactly.

    An army that wears patent boots instead of good old fashioned bulling can fcuk right off.
  8. I'm sorry gents I can see the Americans point here, how can you present umpteen medals to the troops for shaving and having short hair in the face of the enemy if they don't comply? :twisted:

    1 x medal for ironed socks
    1 x medal for clean nails (2 if deployed for more than an hour)
    1 x medal for each burger eaten on ops

  9. Since when did the army issue fkn dancing clogs???

    Patent leather my arrse!!!

    Get caught passing the Guardroom wearing brogues (de riguer in 80's disco's) and your arrse was grass!!

    You might get away with swanning out with those Hi-Tec pissh these days (rubbish for running in TBH) but try that with "Beny Hills/pavement slappers" way back then...

    Bri Nylon shirts and stay press trousers will never go out of fashion (just like kipper ties) but footwear??

    80's desert boots? HIGH fashion!! :D
  10. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Well maybe we should just dig out the KD and be done with it, show them how it's supposed to be done.

    I've always thought I'd look good in KD, too young to get issued it though. The disappointments never cease. :roll:
  11. Actualy before you all go jumping on the lets whinge about the Yanks bus, (you know, the ones with the air support) lets just think about this, its personal standards and there is something of a cult about being seen as "wary" looking.... regardless of what unit they serve in or role they serve

    If you have access to a barber or can shave then do so, its personal pride in your appearance, part of routine when possible and not looking like a tramp, ANY soldier should observe this. There is such a vogue to look "ally" with long hair etc because that what the sneaky beakeies do its akin to copying the big boys in the playground, how long does a hair with a number two headshave take to grow to the length of a Motorhead roadie?

    If US troops do not have access to shaving or a barber or even hair clippers then they do exactly the same as the rest of us and forgo the luxury.

    Having said the above, handlebar's are timeless, absolutely timeless. Hair like shaggy from Scoody Do and dole sponger stubble when you have an oportunity to shave and have a hair cut is bizare
  12. I remember being on CHARLIE 2 Landing Craft in Stanley. The replacements were coming in to replace us .In outer harbour on UGANDA we went alongside, having been there 4 months and a brand new spanking drill pig SSM RCT with stick and beret looking the DBs telling us he had come to sort us out.We were in wellies and covered in shit and unshaven. 3 nights later in a tent at a makeshift reggy dinner he was chinned! Bless.
  13. In my experience once commanders lose the plot operationally they disappear up their own arrses into admin irrelevance. Haircuts is an old stand by. No 2 dress inspections on ops is another. Berets and the wearing thereof is a favourite. Early promotion to staff appointments is the best way to get rid of these cretins.
  14. My post post was of course light hearted but true.However I really can see the importance of short hair and personal admin as the royals call it. I know from experience personal hygiene and short hair makes the field and civvy street much easier . FOO FOO DHOBI RING A BELL ???
  15. I could not agree more with this. It seems that often (but not always), when a comander starts making noises about this sort of thing it feels as though they are doing so in order to assert themselves as being "in charge" and to make them feel justified in their position. It never seems to last long either, especially in officers, the only people with a consistently strict approach to standards of dress that I have encountered have been of C/RSM rank. It has always felt a bit more credible from them too.

    I fully appreciate that I've used some sweeping generalisations in the above post!