Females in full combat roles?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Barb_Dwyer(twisted), May 2, 2010.

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  1. Hey Guys,

    As you can probably see I have just joined today and am already after your invaluable thoughts - am being a bit cheeky and after finally deciding to get myself educated in prep for civvy street I am currently writing a paper on women in combat roles, as you are probably aware they can't join RM, paras, Inf and the like.

    Did you know the EU force the MOD to review its position on this every 8 years, with a review due this year.

    Anyhow over to the experts, would really appreciate your candid responses and any real-life situs you have been in on ops with females.

    Looking fwd. Twisted xx
  2. Zarathustra


    Try searching the forums
  3. smudge67


    I've sh@gged a few female clerks, and chefs on tour. Does that help?
  4. I hope I wasn't one of them - uses on ops then.

    Get it, women not too hot the physical stuff.

    Any girlies out there to help?!?

    Twisted x
  5. Enjoyed - if not a little confused?

    Twisted x
  6. smudge67


    Girls are great spunk sponges.
  7. Zarathustra


    there was a very good thread that discussed this last year sometime on the Infantry forum if i remember correctly. There were some good posts amongst the rubbish and it go into more than just the physical problems but also problems with training, courses and promotion and the like. the search feature is just a mouse click away
  8. Dear crow_bag,

    Big help will check it out. I already feel degraded and humiliated - am going to take a very long hot shower!!!

    Barb x
  9. ex_colonial

    ex_colonial LE

    "barb_dwyer(twisted)", excuse me for asking but how the f**k do you get so many medals etc on your avatar when you've only joined today and made 4 posts? :? :?
  10. CQMS


    Handing over £25 helps.
  11. skintboymike

    skintboymike LE

    The medals aren't a reflection of the amount of posts one makes - you achieve medals by donating money towards the running of the site.

    Tight cunt. ;)
  12. tropper66


    try doing some research, Read Charlotte Maddison's book "Dressed to kill" gives some insight into women in the front line,
  13. Bamber(Phil)

    Bamber(Phil) Old-Salt

    We had a Female Capt. as Adjadent in Germany in the mid 1980,s and we were an Infantry Bn. So technically she was trained to operate radios,weapons and command armoured Infantry!!! Good job the Russians never came over the border!
  14. Widow_69

    Widow_69 Clanker

    Hardly front line, I should know I'm in her book.Good AH pilot certainly did the biz however hardly tabbing around the GZ on the Osprey diet.
  15. tropper66


    Bags of respect for you mate , but she's the only woman who has written about anything close to being in the front line since Mrs Douberly in 1854.Appart from a couple of girls who were in Ireland I havn't read any other account of females on the front