England Football = Fail!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by llech, Jun 18, 2010.

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  1. As I said before on another thread, you English don't quite get it.

    We Jocks know that our team is shite, therefore we have no expectations and consequently no longer get pissed off when knocked out.

    On the other hand you English get caught up in the whole 1966 bullshit and start believing the media hype from newspapers and TV. The media would have you believe that England can win every tournament they enter.

    If you'd all just be a tad more realistic, you'd experience a lot less angst and :frustrated: .

    Personally, I reckon you'd be better off bowing out at the group stage.....you know, before you have to play against a real football team.

  2. England players-World (Cl)arrse?
  3. That's a very long winded way of saying you're an envious defeatist.
  4. Put simply, England were just not up to the task - and they knew it. Their expressions and faces throughout the second half said it all. No lack of effort - mental paralysis set in.
  5. It gets better: Mr Potato Head aka W Rooney got the hump 'cos the travelling English fans had the temerity to boo The Golden Ones as they left the pitch.


    'Wayne Rooney has lambasted England supporters who booed the national team following an insipid goalless draw against Algeria that has placed Fabio Capello’s World Cup ambitions in severe doubt...........Despite sharing Rooney’s disappointment at the fans’ reaction Gareth Barry said he understood their frustration.

    “The fans have come a long way and deserved a better performance. They want to see us score and win games. We were below par, and that’s the result you get, boos.”

    Listen, you pie-gobbling car stereo thieving shite, it's once every 4 years that you may get the chance to play in the World Cup so go for it :x
  6. Envious about what? I'm rather more disappointed for the thousands of fans who have spent thousands to go and watch such shite. No wonder one of them decided to get to the dressing room and have go.

    Defeatist about what? Scotland has a fraction of the population and does not benefit from the big payments from Sky to the extent that English Clubs do. As such, we enjoy the times when we're playing in competitions, but are realistic about our chances of winning the trophies.

    Wake up and smell the coffee. England are just not as good as the media have made you all think they are.
  7. Our teams maybe shite,we expect it,we move on,we don't bum, blow and win matches/touraments before we get there. Grow up,learn when to shut up,and stop believing your own propaganda! Your team is an over-rated,over paid, over hyped collection of 3rd raters,over there.It's just possible,that if you learned a little humility a few more of the Celtic fringe might,maybe,support you. You may be lucky enough to slip through to the next round,god help the rest of us,we'll still be hearing about it in 44yrs time.
  8. Who is class really... Rooney yes, Lampard... hmm maybe.. Gerrard? Definitely not this season..

    Anyone else..


    let's get real, last 16 ok, anything after bonus.

    This world cup is one of the most even ever surely, there is no stand out team... apart from Spain (on paper) no one has a first 11 of players you envy
  9. On performance-Algeria :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. 1. I vowed 4 years ago that I wouldn't show any interest in anything less than a semi final.

    2. From what i've heard of their performance this year they may as well turn out in Portsmouth rig.

    3. We only won in '66 because of home advantage, indeed I feel the host nation should only enter in an honorary capacity (look how often the host nation has won!).

    4. Guess where it's being held next?
  11. Funny but true.

    England fans are like people who get married a second time - it's the triumph of hope over experience.
  12. So far it's agreed England have played shi'te, but on a positive note they are still in the same position as other top teams Germany, Spain etc in that from now they have 5 games in which to win the WC and it's still in their own hand or feet to qualify for the next stage , unlike the CESM's. They have now entered the knock out stages. The last 2 games now count for nothing and should be forgotten. It's a tournament, no one gets anything for winning their group as England have proved from winning their qualifying group.
  13. With a lot of teams already suffering player loss through injury and the rather harsh card accumulation rules, the last group games are going to be challenging.

    The card count gets reset for the next round right?
  14. Oh an England knocking thread, not had one of those since erm.. the first round :D

    Look on the bright side today your other top teams will raise the morale of the country

    In the proper game, Australia v England should be a close one and then of course your creeekit team take on that well known top class team......

    Scotland, so you can get your own back later :lick:

    And those of you that think most of us Scots, Welsh and Irish are jealous no we are not. It would be great if we could be there but we know we are, as has been said, not very good and we don't blow our own trumpet (fnar fnar).
    And of course it gives us an excuse every four years to watch you implode because you believe all the hype stirred up the the London based media, and then when your team of big Jessies can't pass a round ball from one white shirt to another you wonder why we are having a laugh.
    It is great having the boot of the other foot and I am sure there will be another Jock/Taff/Bogtrotter knocking thread along in a minute.

    And of course we have a great chance to being the only home nation of a series win in the summer internationals :twisted:
  15. He was upset about the team being 'booed' by fans who'd saved up their wages to pay for the privilege of watching his lack lustre performance.

    Maybe he'd like to offer them their money back? The ungrateful, potato headed, granny shagging, obnoxious little scouse c*nt.