Dinner Grace & Mr Vice

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by boney_m, Oct 15, 2004.

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  1. boney_m

    boney_m LE

    I'm after a before dinner grace, does anyone know if the Corps has an official one?

    Something with a communications theme would be handy, but if anyone has any suggestions they would be gladly received.



    Edited to say,

    Any "Mister Vice" related stories greatly received!! The sigs board is bleading with boredom!!!!
  2. Donny

    Donny LE

    It's not very witty (seriously!) but if you want something with a Royal Signals theme then go for the Corps Collect. It's at http://www.rsars.org.uk/COLLECT.HTM

    You could always finish off with "Rub a dub dub, thank God for the grub"!
  3. big-timer

    big-timer War Hero

    I believe the official grace is 'for what we are about to recieve, thank god'

    Neither funny, nor comms-ey... God bless the Corps!

  4. OldRedCap

    OldRedCap LE

    I was a Xmas lunch visitor in a REME mess in Tel-el-Kebir. A new sergeant was delegated to do grace. He was quite drunk. He waffled on in quasi-religious mode and then asked that we sing before we ate. His lead up suggested it would be God Save The Queen so everyone - embarrassed for him - got ready to join in. He then launched into "Please don't burn our shithouse down - father is willing tp pay"
    He was refugee in my mess for rest of Xmas.
  5. boney_m

    boney_m LE


    Cheers mate, i had the Corps Collect down already. Not so much a grace as a prayer, but good for purpose, i'm keeping it in mind.

    I'm not doing this for a Mr Vice (been there, done that, bought the port), but for a meal where i want the grace to be appropiate to the crowd, Anything with a comms swing is what i'm after.

  6. boney_m

    boney_m LE

    Because of your post, i've amended the title of the thread a little. Mr Vice stories from around the Corps would make for a chuckle!!!!!!

  7. TA_sig

    TA_sig LE

    If you look on the chaplaincy area of the army website there are some links to the official prayers of each regiment/corp.. an adaption could be made based on these. I can't be arsed finding the url but it's not tricky to navigate the site.
  8. PoisonDwarf

    PoisonDwarf LE

    Champagne to my real friends.
    And real pain to my sham friends.
  9. Yaris

    Yaris Clanker

    I think that the SSM at what used to be called 4 Sqn held a file of good grace's and "Billy do's" that were used on the RSSC final dinners.

    "Lord, bless this food and this wine, 'cause when I stop it's time to dine"
    "Lord, may our stomach's be heavy, and our Mess bills light. Amen".

    The file contained handouts for course students on Mess etiquette and toasts etc. It's my view that any grace should have a bit of humour in it, after all, you'll need a good sence of humour if you can't go to the toilet because you have been at the table for ages, and the speaches are poor.
  10. tobie

    tobie Swinger

    "Bless these sinners and their dinners. Amen" I know, no link into comms but someone might like to use it one day.

    Another thing. Follow the attached link to a thread in the Juniors area, bitching about our techs getting their Full Screw quicker than the average infanteer can get in his 3rd Op Telic tour in!