Defender out, new Landy in....

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by Yeoman_dai, Feb 24, 2012.

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  1. Yeoman_dai

    Yeoman_dai LE

    The question is, where does this leave HM Government? I assume (from no knowledge) that we've been buying D90's and 110's for years now as older ones wear out, and replacing them with new-ish.... so when LR-Jaguar phase out the Defender in favour of this Redirect Notice

    where will we be? Will LR keep a military defender line running alongside for us, or did we stop buying the things years ago.. and if so, with the replacement parts line dying up, will we need a new utility vehicle?

    And if we DO need a new one, where should we go? Get all UN and begin to buy Landrovers??
  2. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE

    Mercedes G-Wagen?

    You know you want to...
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  3. redshift

    redshift LE

    Nothing wrong with a Toyota, breaks down less often anyways. Plus you could prolly scavenge spares from countries you blokes invade. :)

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  4. tankie88

    tankie88 LE

    G-wagon????? must be pissed.
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  5. Tiddle

    Tiddle War Hero

    I think the old defender line is going to India.

  6. Don't worry, the OUVS project will sort all of this out...

    Oh wait, maybe not.

    Short answer is that Land Rover (or whoever owns them now) don't see much of a future in the 'Defender-like' market. So expect to see re-furbed 90s and 110s kicking around for some time, until someone comes up with a plan to replace the lot.

    My 2 cents worth? Something like an F-250 for UK and benign environments, and a small fleet of Foxhounds (or similar) for dangerous places.
  7. John Civie

    John Civie Old-Salt

    How does that thing even translate into a practical 4x4 for the types that use the current defenders farmers, construction types, the population of the falklands and the army. they've got the freelander, discovery, range rover and that new coupe for the chelsea tractor role so are they just trying to push themselves out of the market?
  8. vampireuk

    vampireuk LE

    You will see pickup trucks in place of defenders for a lot of farmers these days. They prefer something that does the job without breaking down five times whilst doing it. :)
  9. MuddleMaker


    Is that the boys from Poole on their weeks holiday in cyprus?
  10. John Civie

    John Civie Old-Salt

    Don't the recruitment types already have some japanese pick up truck to look good when doing events, suppose you just put out a tender for an at home practical 4x4 for the general work while the spechalist kit goes out to the dangerous places as GB says
  11. No, it's a leaked picture of the desired endstate from the Future Reserves 2020 paper... ;-)
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  12. vampireuk

    vampireuk LE

    I bet you wave at other land rover drivers and look away from any other 4x4 on the road :)
  13. sunnoficarus

    sunnoficarus LE

    Toyotas have pissed all over the Defender for years.
  14. CaptainPlume

    CaptainPlume LE

    I think the LR replacement is supposed to be some sort of hovercraft powered by hydrogen fuel cells. On board will be robot stewards to deliver our rations-in-a-pill & jetpack refuels while we are busy fighting the Treens. Or is that FRES?

    Never mind their truck, can we have their rifles please?
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  15. MuddleMaker


    Are Toyotas made out of fibre glass?

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