Crusader 80

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by velcrostripes, Oct 30, 2010.

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  1. velcrostripes

    velcrostripes LE

    Am I right in saying this was the biggest mobization of NATO since WW2 or was that Lionheart in 84 ?
    Some brilliant piccies of Crusader/Spearpoint/Lionheart can be found on this link...
    Fotos ! Spearpoint 1980
    Pull up a sandbag and lets hear the stories.....
  2. pongo6863

    pongo6863 LE

    Is 1980 old or is it just me?
  3. velcrostripes

    velcrostripes LE

    It is 30 years ago....Trouble is , seems like yesterday .
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  4. Stonker

    Stonker LE

    From the Biography of Gen Sir Martin Farndale:

    I haven't found the figures for CRUSADER yet - but I do know that the CO of my Bn didn't take with him to LIONHEART everybody from the Bn (he had loads of folk on courses, as the Bn was still re-orging after coming back from Berlin), and this led to him getting the sack later that year.
  5. Stonker

    Stonker LE

    From HANSARD:

    Not conclusive, but it feels like LIONHEART was bigger
  6. 4(T)

    4(T) LE

    Think Lionheart was a lot bigger.

    Actually, I think Lionheart was the only worthwhile exercise in my military career - it was certainly the only one which gave any insight into what a real mobilisation might look like.
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  7. still staggin

    still staggin War Hero

    I didn't see much of crusader as i was stuck on 309 for the month, but moving around on lionheart i did think it was a bit like how it might have been , sides of houses missing, and flattened street furniture hit by knackered out tankies/afv crews etc. seems like the future old boys will have more exciting memories than tired drivers.
  8. Tiger-Monkey2

    Tiger-Monkey2 War Hero

    Crusader 80 was my first big exercise after leaving junior bleeders and joining my battalion. 30 years ago! Where did the years go?
  9. Ulster_Rifleman

    Ulster_Rifleman War Hero

    Lionheart was the biggie... That's when Heseltine (Tarzan) wriote a letter to all the employers begging them to release all the TA / reservists. It all went well except in my case where there was a transport clusterfcuk and myself and another 150 odd blokes all queued up at a DB station waiting for a train while a piper entertained all and sundry (who stood around ever so slightly pissed off).

    Needless to say we got to our GDP location and didn't buy any tickets
  10. tankie88

    tankie88 LE

    Feck me....30 years ago,Jeez i'm
  11. cbgramc

    cbgramc LE

    My first big FTX


    Lionheart was said to the biggest and last of these type of exercises, I was at 5 ADFA then, we loaded our 432's on flatbeds in Munster to get to location.
  13. Stonker

    Stonker LE

    Look on the bright side: that's only the same time interval as the one between the Normandy Landings, and Abba winning the Eurovision Song Contest . . .
  14. Tremaine


    Trem' remembers a fookin massive exercise during the late 70's with the QRIH, we went from Southampton to Denmark??? on DFDS ferries. Feckin great sailing, scran was the dogs wotsits during the voyage, and we even had discos on board (big mistake as it turned out :) . No birds, though as I remember. Was it Crusader or Lionheart?
  15. rivetcounter

    rivetcounter Clanker

    Drove from Tidworth to BAOR for that one , via Colchester. Just to umpire a Yank Wksp.