Conspiracy Theories - Your Favourites

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Devon_Walker, Nov 26, 2010.

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  1. Devon_Walker

    Devon_Walker Old-Salt

    Quite an interesting pastime when you've time, especially those theories not yet "conclusively solved or explained".
    (1) The recent anniversary of JFK's assassination and a few theories attached to it (on Sky last week). As well as peripheral theories around M. Monroe, the Mafia, and even Ole Blue Eyes. Something about Monroe and a lethal "enema". A book by Lamar Waldron also used information from the National Archives to suggest that a mob boss ordered Kennedy's assassination. Monroe's demise looks a bit iffy , possibly "whacked" . Mob Killed Marilyn Monroe

    (2) Glenn Miller's disappearance and conspiracy theories attached.

    Two of my favourites . Anyone else with any others?
  2. JoeCivvie

    JoeCivvie LE

    What about Box doing a wet-job on the Arch-Slapper herself? That must be up there with the Grassy Noll magic bullet.
  3. Vastatio

    Vastatio LE

  4. h301593


    again JFK, we had to study that at school knowing the ending would be a cliff hanger untill 50 years time.
  5. mnairb

    mnairb LE

    Jack the Ripper - very strong suspicion that he was either a member of the aristocracy or Royal Family. Evidence files sealed until 2015.
  6. Vastatio

    Vastatio LE

  7. BIPOLAR77


    I liked the Titanic theories, the worst one - lizards control the earth!

    The hollow earth theory, Moon landings, Nazis in Antartica 1947, Giant skeletons found
  8. brettarider

    brettarider LE

    FFS no mention of 9/11 please you have those dribbling cunts Frenchperson and Bugsy appearing like the candy man
  9. Where's Maddy? Plenty of theories have been floated there - unlike Maddy of course

    MDN is alive and well and living in North Korea

    Sarah Palin will be proposed for a Nobel Prize
  10. Vastatio

    Vastatio LE

    Has Bugsy re-registered under another name, was the cyber-stake that the CO's hammered through his e-heart sufficient?
  11. redchad

    redchad Clanker

    The Moon Landings! I dont know if we landed on the moon or not but some of the photos published allegedly taken on the moon have since been proved fake and some have now been pulled from public consumption. In particular the photo of the 2 astronauts playing golf on the moon, someone realised 20 year later that the hasselblad (i think its spelt that way) cameras taken on the mission Apollo 14 were not automatic so the picture could not have been taken as there were only 2 astronauts on the moon? Some believe that the kit failed so they used some of the training photos. which has cast doubt over the whole episode
  12. BIPOLAR77


    I always assumed that Glenn Millers' was solved, a returning B17 flight ditched their bombs in the channel as their raid was cancelled, unknown to them the plane Miller was travelling in was several hundred feet below them, the bombs either hit or damaged the plane sufficiently causing it to crash in to the channel with a loss of those on board
  13. Twizzlelehope

    Twizzlelehope LE

    Roswell July 1947 - It was a weather balloon.
  14. Signalman

    Signalman Old-Salt

    If you honestly believe that, you are a feeble-minded buffoon. No such thing has been even remotely 'proved'. Indeed the conspiracy theories have been comprehensively and thoroughly demolished by people FAR more intelligent than you. Indeed, if you have a suitable laser-rangefinder, you can bounce a laser off a couple of the Apollo landers in order to precisely measure the distance to the Moon - that would be rather fucking difficult if they'd never been there.

    One of the best-ever pieces of television was where a late-night chat show (TFI Friday, I think?) had a dribbling moron (one of the leading proponents of the conspiracy theories) spouting off about the 'fake' moon-landings... Then to his surprise, they brought on Buzz Aldrin, who comprehensively out-argued the prick into a dribbling puddle.

    As for that theory regarding the camera - fuck me that's a desperate grasp for a 'conspiracy'... What brainiac thought that up? Far from pulling photos from public view, NASA actually recently released their ENTIRE photo stocks from the moon landings, including all the crap ones.

    Don't forget that the Cold War was at its absolute zenith at the time and the Soviets were watching the landings like hawks with all the means at their disposal. Had there been any plausible hint of fakery, they would have trumpeted it from the rooftops.

    Here's a good site that counters the dribbling fuckwits: Clavius Moon Base - debunking the moon hoax
  15. Vastatio

    Vastatio LE