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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by meridian, Jun 19, 2008.

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    The ARRSE fortnightly beer 'nosing' competition was a highlight of the London visit.
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    This is Kent Brockman for 'Eye on Springfield' with the first pictures of Homer Simpson following his release after accidently locking himself in his office for several weeks...
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    Following the success of Channel 4's documentary 'My Big Fat Gyspy Wedding', 5 launches it's own investigation into Traveller culture entitled 'My Big Fook-Off Pikey P1ss-up'
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    No-one knew why Stella always insisted on wearing a dead cat on her head.

    (She even did it at her wedding when she married a man named Winehouse)
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    With women making the majority of patients for the McTimoney Chiropractic Clinic, some 'added' incentives were initated to make it more appealing to men
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    The Cheerleaders at the men's Luge decided a more direct approach to bring back the spirit of the Olympics
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    Good CO was coming to the conclusion that the behemoth that is ARRSE was just becoming too much
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    As she collected a badge from every unit she 'visited' it became apparent her loyalty to the troops was unquestionable
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    The very first AA meeting was a disaster. Initially, people just assumed it was a meeting place where people could drink in secret.
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    With a Tiger Moth and an old map, a few early feminists had to get to the mysterious lsland of Lesbos by any means
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  13. Fcuk, wildcard.rgbws trying to get in again!

  14. The Mark 1 PIRA ballistic shield wasn't a huge success.
  15. [​IMG] NEW LISTING[align=right]Seller[/align]
    [align=right]wildcard.rgbws [/align]
    Time Left: 5y 42d 3h (22 Feb 10:44 GMT)

    Qty 3
    Price £10,000,000 Buy it Now!

    Hi Guys

    I've just happened to have obtained a few slightly used Nuclear Power station control Rooms. They're not new but in excellent condition.

    Good for all wannabe Nuclear power meglamaniacs. Recently sold one to a Mr Dinnerjacket from Iran and he loves it.

    Disclaimer: I might not be able to post it, but then again I might and it might get lost and err...I might have not enough money to post it or courier it.
    It's all genuine and I've been supplying nuclear station gear to nuclear powers for years and years honest.

    Non-returnable, which is academic really as it won't be sent

    So Happy bidding and it's all pukka and straight up, and if I don't reply to your phone calls or emails it's because I get a bad reception where I live. So all those in/near reading please feel free to drop in and have a chat.