Child Maintenance Payments

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Gunner_REMF, Jan 6, 2013.

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  1. Gunner_REMF

    Gunner_REMF Old-Salt

    What action can I take if my ex bitch intends to deliberately restrict the visits from my boys to under 52 days a year? Surely the CSA have seen this a thousand times? Its clear to me that this is her intent just so she can get an extra £50 month!!
  2. Pebbles015

    Pebbles015 LE

    Specified contact order under Section 8 of the Childrens Act 1988.

    See a solicitor or deal with it yourself. Its pretty straight forward uless the are allegations that she will unfoubtedly throw in as reasons to restrict contact.

    Start in your local Family Proceedings court which may be at either magistrates or County Court depending where you are.

    Get it done sooner rather than later.

    Good luck.
  3. Do you want mine for a couple of days a week to soften the blow? This 3-4 times a week access bollocks is ruining my social life, she's no problem and doesnt do much aside from filling nappy's, rolling over multiple times until she hits a hard object and laughs and grabs seemingly at thin air like we are living in that gaff in Amytiville, the creepy little ****.
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  4. Pewish

    Pewish LE

    Thought about seeking qualified legal advice...............i.e. 'them that know' ?
  5. Your_Mums_Pal

    Your_Mums_Pal LE

    Carlos, have you ever seen Louis CKs stand up?
  6. Nope, have I unconsciously robbed someone's dialogue?
  7. Your_Mums_Pal

    Your_Mums_Pal LE

    Nah but it was close.

    Have a look for him on youtube, you might get a laugh. Search for "Louis CK full show".
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  8. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    there's ferk all you can do. why do you think fathers for freedom was formed. I speak from bitter, very bitter experience .
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  9. syledis


    my old no1 is in fathers for justice as he is getting royally fucked over
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  10. Pebbles015

    Pebbles015 LE

    The landscape has changed drastically over recent years. I know of several blokes who's exes have been threatened with jail by the judge and I know 3 women, one a former partner (no shared kids) who have been read the riot act by the judge.

    Im going through it now although my case is one heck of a mess. Just had psycological reports done and they are good so Ill hopefully be resuming contact after a 2 year battle very shortly.

    Get a fresh application in. Never ever give up.
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  11. batfink5537

    batfink5537 War Hero

    They can be horrible horrible bitches cant they just waiting for my ex to do something similar.
  12. Gunner_REMF

    Gunner_REMF Old-Salt

    Thanks for the advice Pebbles and the empathy from others. I've got CSA involved and warned them off about my perceived reaction of the Ex. They have advised I pay the lower amount and note any time SHE restricts access. A point to note though they are both teenagers and I am now keeping them in the loop so to speak which will only work against her if she continues to be a @rse. Just goes to show the system can work (albeit weighted in favour of women).
  13. annie1969

    annie1969 LE

    If they are teenagers can they not get to you on there own? Why is it that women think they can use children as a power tool when a relationship goes tits up, can they not see what they are doing to their kids
  14. JoeyDeacon


    If it comes to the CSA then just let it go and swallow the extra £12.50 a week. the worst thing to do is to involve them any more than you have to. You wont win...ever.
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  15. JoeyDeacon


    No they can't - it's more important to get one over the ex hubby. Again and again and again.
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