Brown calling an early election?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jagman, Dec 13, 2009.

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  1. DeltaDog

    DeltaDog LE

    I strongly agree with the sentiment, but our electoral system is fucked. Under it, that course of action will achieve nothing of use - and may well lump us with another 5 years of Labour, which would likely reduce us to a third world country.

    In my opinion, voting anything but conservative at the next election is a mistake. Not because I support the conservative party, but because they have the best chance of winning, and are not psychopaths - and, as much of a plonker Dave might be - they know what they're doing financially.
  2. zazabell_012

    zazabell_012 War Hero

    I couldn't agree more werewolf. I just love all the political pundits here, with their wildly over optimistic analysis of the next election. The simple fact is it will be more of the same dogs breakfast that has been served up for years, regardless of who gets in. And don't worry, its the same down under!

    I can't remember the last time I spoke to a person who has actually read a manifesto or can give you line and verse of a policy platform :roll: Perhaps, as you say they are too busy watching Simon "botox' Cowell on the telly.

    Its not as if the voting public has a choice. They mearly get to vote on the crumbs from his masters table, as all 'party' candidates have been pre-selected. Alternatively, you might be lucky and get some independent's with more than one functioning brain cell.

    Back in the jurassic period, according to the history books, politics was about ideas. I wonder what happened? :lol: Hey, if anyone wants a revolution, count me in :wink:
  3. Cabana

    Cabana LE

    There is as much chance of Brown calling an early election as there is the pope telling everyone he is a gay prostitute who likes to finger dogs. We can not believe anything Brown or the Labour party state.
  4. beemer007

    beemer007 LE

    If this turns out to be true facts then let the battle begin.
  5. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir LE

    If Labour get back in (by fair means or foul-probably foul) next year,Britain is cfuked for sure.

    I can see it happening,though.
  6. jonwilly

    jonwilly LE

    "I truly believe that the public sector, welfare dependants and immigrants will help to sway the vote for labour.

    I was always of the opinion that Labour would go for a general election at the same time as the local election. It would save money on campaigning and they're nearly bankrupt. I was always of the opinion that Labour would go for a general election at the same time as the local election. It would save money on campaigning and they're nearly bankrupt.

    Now I have seen a few papers putting out articles in the form of what has been chatted about on ARRSE a few times......namely the Scorched Earth policy."

    I agree with the above comments.
    Brown is a moral coward, look how he chickened out on an election just after his Labour Election.
    He dose not know if he will win the next election and I can accept that he is carrying out The Scorched Earth Policy, pure Labour Class spite. With his present policy he will have to call in the IMF some time, he knows this accepts it and is quite prepared to blame Dave in the event of a Tory win, which is far from guaranteed.
    Labour is still out to destroy the British Way of life and replace it with their idea of Nirvana, what ever that may be.
    Be prepared for the nastiest Election in UK history, Campbell & Mengler Madelson will now be working flat out to wipe out any form of Tory lead.
  7. jagman

    jagman LE

    I'm reasonably confident Brown will have a generalelection, before he has to have a budget.
    The whole country knows that financially we are a short step from disaster. Come the next budget, regardless of who is in No10, the whole country is going to be screwed over. Gordon knows that.
    If he waits unitl after the next budget everyone will be to busy bubbling into their cornflakes to go out and vote for Gordon. Come the budget he isn't going to be able to hide the fact that the cupboard is bare and we are fooked.

    Come budget time, public sector employee's and benefits junkies are going to have their scalps handed back to them. The rest of us who actually foot the bill for Brown's follies are going to get an eye watering bill. A bill that I am in no way convinced we willbe able to pay.
    Doesn't matter if its Devious Dave or the one eyed lunatic at the helm. The results are going to be the same.

    One thing is for sure, neither Labour or Conservative have any idea how they are going to pay for this mess. The only thing that is going to happen for sure is that the taxpayer is going to get royally screwed.
    And that comes to the big reason that Devious Dave may not get himself elected, deep down we all know that the taxpayer isn't going to be any better off if he gets into power, so why bother voting Conservative. He isn't going to improve our lot very much is he?
  8. vampangua

    vampangua War Hero

    The cry of "it's not necessarily their victory, a hung parliament is realistic outcome" was also used by John Major in 1997.

    The largest part of the public sector is the health service (c 1.3 mil?). It remains in the top biggest direct employers in the world. Key battle ground in terms of both provision of healthcare and swaying public sector vote?
  9. jagman

    jagman LE

    The NHS is the third largest emloyer in the world. Only the Chinese Army and the Indian State Railways are bigger employers, the difference is that both those countries have far bigger populations to support the exenditure.

    Not that it maters, Devious Dave isn't going to tackle that problem either, the suggestion of cuts in the NHS won't get hime elected. Might help him get my vote but he hasn't the balls to admit its going to have to happen.

    I suppose you wouldn't be able to find many people in this country at the moment who think that any one of our politicians are worth voting for at the moment.
  10. vampangua

    vampangua War Hero

    Walmart has sneaked ahead (presumably a result of numerous recent acquistions) - but it's the only one with international spread.

    Has anyone worked out what the code "protecting frontline delivery of services" means in practice (in health, education and policing)? Does it mean "devious cuts which we hope no-one will notice", going through the smoke and mirrors of efficiency gains/savings for the umpteenth time, or at last some common sense of slimming down government activity?
  11. hellfyyr

    hellfyyr LE

    Hackle we need you! It's about time all forces personnel could have their voting registered as a separate constituency on the Electoral Register(if they wished) and postal votes despatched to ensure every serviceman gets their vote.

    I suspect the only reason the MOD has not done this is the fear that we would undoubtedly, almost universally assist in turfing out Labour. Only a token amount has been done on this issue by the MOD despite the great efforts of people like Hackle.

    They use postal votes when it suits them; why shouldnt it be used on the one group where it would be able to be correctly controlled.

    If I have missed something here and it is in place someone let me know but I am sure that we are being sidelined. Proxy votes are a cop-out btw...
  12. hellfyyr

    hellfyyr LE

    I see the tagline for this, 'he is willing to die for his country; why may he not vote?' with a soldier fighting in Helmand as the picture...
  13. lsquared

    lsquared LE

    Has he the courage? Mandelson obviously thinks Labour can win. The 'oaf' is apparently entertaining the troops in Afghanistan and staying in an operational post not in Kabul.

    I think the person who has posted the message below onto The Times-on-line website says it all:

    Written by: Tony Dunn. "Don't blame the voters if the Tories fail to win an overall majority. The electorate has always had a small intellectual capacity so there's nothing new in that either.

    I think Cameron is about to miss an open goal. As a floating voter I have no axe to grind but this current administration has to be the most incompetent lying bunch of buffoons in British political history, yet the Conservatives have neither the wisdom nor the personnel to give them a good kicking. I think we're heading for a hung Parliament".

    What are the Tories doing? They should have buried this awful mob a year or more ago.
  14. hellfyyr

    hellfyyr LE

    'This awful mob' will say and do anything to cling to power but at the detriment of all we hold dear.

    The more the papers raise the shocking issues the more the government mislead, deny and go back to the tactics of 1997 (e.g. Alastair Campbell and Mandelson).

    To counter your point Isquared this tactic (i.e. denial and counter-claim) is perfect in the culture we have of apathy. The decent feints of the opposition and even the Liberals are heard but only at an election will any change be made. Forget the polls until the ultimate one...

    Labour will not get away with the next one if Cameron keeps disproving Labour finance claims, challenges mass immigration and continues to show them up for the shower that they are.
  15. zazabell_012

    zazabell_012 War Hero

    The Tories haven't been the same since they took the walking handbag out of No 10 :lol: Now they are ruled by the traditional male elite, a bunch of spotty faced x public school boys who all have a lisp.

    I really do feel sorry for all the people back home in Blighty, in fact I have sympathy for anyone, including myself, who votes in any election anywhere in the world, as all that is on offer is male middle aged mediocrity, bereft of ideas :roll: . BTW can anyone direct me to a site that has voting stats for the last general election? It would be interesting to see just how many poor unfortunates actually attempted the walk to the polling booth.
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