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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Sabre, Apr 19, 2005.

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  1. Sabre

    Sabre LE

    I have seen a lot of beer adverts over the years from follow the bear, to a german saving the bouncing bombs of the dam busters saying 'i bet he drinks carling black label'.

    Well now i am the other side of the world, i have just seen on tv, one that rates amoung the best ones i have seen.

    TUI Beer

    Give it time to load its worth it!!.

    What is your all time classic beer advert ?
  2. Pompey_Jock

    Pompey_Jock War Hero

    3 of my favourites.... and honest advertising too




  3. BigJobs

    BigJobs Old-Salt

    It's very simple. A man standing in the desert with a pint of xxxx. A huge boulder drops on his head with no warning. Australian voiceover exclaims

    thats it

    and one where that bloke from neighbours and another guy are loading up a flatbed truck with beer for a party. Once this thing is piled high, one of them pops back inside and returns with two small bottles which he places on top of the pile saying 'something for the ladies'. The truck collapses and the wheels fly off, to which the other says
    'I think you overdid it on the sherry'
  4. Pompey_Jock

    Pompey_Jock War Hero

    ah yes - remember that one.

    and think all the Castlemaine XXXX ones are classics.
  5. mizkrissi

    mizkrissi LE

    Ahhhh yes beer advertising where would Australia be without beer ads. VB would have to be the ones I remember most clearly from my childhood and praise the lord they have returned with all new ones. Carlton Draught has recently begun advertising out here with cracking ones particularly the guys in suits carrying kayaks :lol:

    Favourite pictures would have to be


    and of course

  6. mizkrissi

    mizkrissi LE

    OMFG how could I forget that one that used to have me falling about laughing thanks for reminding me BJ :lol: :lol:
  7. Rincewind

    Rincewind LE

    Round my way, Stella Artois is better known as "stella actacnut"

    But i loved the Castlemain XXXX ads featuring "snowy" etc.

    The fosters ads with Paul Hogan were great and the guinness ad's with Rutger Heuer wes classic.

    Bring em back i say!

  8. Sabre

    Sabre LE

  9. Gonzo

    Gonzo LE

    Does anyone remember the Hagen Das / Heineken advert?

    It involved a couple getting steamy feeding each other ice cream, they run out so he goes to the fridge to get some more, then all you hear is the sound of a can opeining and the footie being turned on. Classic!
  10. Pompey_Jock

    Pompey_Jock War Hero

    Could still remember it... but good to be able to have a chortle at it again after quite a while.

    Like the current Carlsberg ones also - with the really plush flat, overlooking the football ground, immense room etc...

    and the Heneiken ones with Ray Liotta are quite clever too.
  11. offog

    offog LE

    All the John Smiths and the Bodingtons had an excellent twist to them.

    I heard of an add on the side of the Great Northern railway line

    “Beware you are now entering strong beer country”

    A London beer company then put up a hording a little further on which read;

    “Take Courage”
  12. Sabre

    Sabre LE

  13. Listy

    Listy LE

    And who can forget the WoodPecker adds? The ones I always remember, although a nipper at the time, was of the Ducks straffing the Duck hunters, and the car crushing hegehog.
  14. CaptainPlume

    CaptainPlume LE

    A fantastic site with all the Spitfire faves to download as wallpaper for the PC:

    "No Fokker Comes Close"

    "Rear Gunners Drink Lager Shandy"

    and of course "Downed All Over Kent Just Like the Luftwaffe"
  15. Beanz

    Beanz LE

    not quite a classic but the peter kay one that was banned always makes me laugh.... sitting at the table in a curry house explaining where babies come from!

    and the XXXX on "oi kin see tha paaaaab from 'ere"