Be Honest.......whats your 1.5 mile run time?1

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by deano1987_21, Sep 28, 2009.

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  1. deano1987_21

    deano1987_21 Clanker

    10.30 At ADSC
  2. jonah_09

    jonah_09 Swinger

    best 10 minutes flat
  3. Surfer_Smithy

    Surfer_Smithy War Hero

    11:00 dead on, huge improvement over the months from what it was. Started doing additional interval training on the treadmill and it's helping a lot.
  4. Banker

    Banker LE

    8.06 for 1.5 miles, and I'm 43 and smoke 20 a day you malingering fcuks.........
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  5. I reckon the 1.5 mile time requirement should be the same across the board no matter what reg you are going for.
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  6. jonah_09

    jonah_09 Swinger

    i agree mate your a soldier first and should all be at the same leval of fitness
  7. fusilier10

    fusilier10 Old-Salt

    ye i fink everybody shud be getting under 10mins :D
  8. Big_Bertha

    Big_Bertha Old-Salt

    Ive just managed to get it in the low 11s. Aiming for under 11 and if possible low 10s. Any idea how long this could take?
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  9. jonah_09

    jonah_09 Swinger

    took 2minutes of my time in 2 months with alot of hard work also lost a stone and a half and now im a skinny bastard which is probaly why ive took 2 mins off
  10. Big_Bertha

    Big_Bertha Old-Salt

    Does each ADSC have a different time limit? I know I have to get under 13.15 for my chosen job but at pre-adsc we were told 12.35 was the cut off.
    Im due to go to Lichfield soon, and I was wondering what their cut off point is?
  11. Danny_Dravot

    Danny_Dravot LE

    sorry to shatter your dream but you need no special nutrion whatsoever for a 1.5 mile run; no extra carbs, protein, fats etc.

    anybody that tells you otherwise is wrong.

    i could bore you with the details, but i can't be bothered - less to say that an individual eating a normal balanced diet will have arund 2-2500Kcals of energy stored and ready to use for vigorous exercise - their glycogen store - only when this runs out do we need to start looking at nutrion to replace or top up. Ref protein, there is no requirement to increase your protein unless your undertaking serious amounts of training - ie, full time, or very ardous training (3hrs) a day.

    hydration is far more important - in most instances water is sufficient
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  12. fusilier10

    fusilier10 Old-Salt

    you shouldnt even need to have a drink of water before the run i always thrash my running times but then again some people are not fit at all :D
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  13. shane_1

    shane_1 Swinger

    my run time was 9:10 at final selection less than a week ago wanted 2 come in under 9 mins tho :)
  14. jay2o

    jay2o Old-Salt

    pft 8.59 80press ups 108 sit ups
  15. Hamwise

    Hamwise Old-Salt

    ...well, I was more referring to the fact that chowing down on 'greasy pizza' 2 hours before attempting a run might not be a good idea. If eating whatever you like is good prep for a run then fair enough, I'd still prefer to play it safe and I'd try to stick to a diet I suggested anyway. If you can be bothered (and I'm not being sarcy here, I am actually interested) can you drop a PM with links or resources where I can verify this. My own reading and research has led me to the beliefs I hold now. I'm always prepared to learn.

    I can only speak for myself but I don't think I'd be at my best attempting a run after a big ol' pizza. Perhaps it's all psychological though.

    ...And I did say plenty of water in my defence. :wink:
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